12 key SMS text survey features for instant customer feedback

Reach your customers on any device in their pocket. Flip phone or smartphone – we’ve got you covered. Feedback is a text message away.

Send the survey

Your customer receives the survey as an SMS message.

Respond with follow-up

Delighted responds with a free response follow-up question.

Get score

Your customer replies with a numerical score.

Get feedback

Your customer provides detailed feedback in their own words.

1. Real-time SMS feedback

Get immediate feedback from customers using a method familiar to them. Customers respond directly with their score and comment.

By switching from email surveys to SMS text surveys in Delighted, we were able to increase overall response rates from 10% to 22%.”
– Craig Shayowitz, Operations Manager at CommonBond
instant sms text survey feedback

2. Smart Scheduling

Nobody wants a text message at 2am asking for feedback. Smart Scheduling ensures your customers are only surveyed during the day.

schedule sms surveys

3. Flip phone to smartphone

All you need is a mobile phone number to gather feedback from your customers. The experience is 100% text message based. No data plan required.

send text survey to all types of mobile phones

4. Code-free customization

Customize the question and language directly in Delighted. Dynamically update the product or brand you’re asking about with Properties.

customize survey text language in Delighted

5. Schedule SMS surveys

Autopilot lets you automatically survey customers on an ongoing basis. Add your customers and choose a time period. Autopilot does the rest.

schedule surveys with the Autopilot feature
trigger surveys via REST API

6. Text surveys via REST API

Timing is a key factor in increasing response rates and improving feedback quality.
Use our REST API to automatically survey customers after a delivery, when a guest checks out, or after a support interaction. The possibilities are endless.

7. Localize the phone number

People are more likely to answer your text survey if the phone number looks familiar. Send your SMS surveys from your customer’s region to increase response rates.

localize the text survey phone number

8. Multi-platform

Use in combination with other Delighted survey methods such as Email, Web, and Link. We’ll automatically protect against over surveying across all platforms.

send surveys via email, sms, link, web, and in-app

9. Send text surveys via Zapier

Have a premium Zapier account? You can trigger surveys by integrating Delighted with Zapier’s webhooks. Our Concierge team will walk you through that set-up process.

trigger text surveys with Zapier

10. Share and act on feedback

Pipe all the feedback you collect back into your systems so your team can act on it, whether that’s in Slack, Salesforce, or Intercom – see our full list of integrations to explore all the possibilities.

share text survey feedback in Slack

11. Easy feedback analysis

Attach Properties to your contact list or via your integration to segment feedback by customer metadata – what product they purchased, which service rep they spoke with, and more.

analyze sms feedback in a dashboard

12. Contextualize follow-up

Provide customers with customized next steps in the survey Thank you page based on their response. Personally follow up with low scorers and encourage high scorers to share.

text survey followup message
Best Practices for Sending Surveys

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