Open position

UI Engineer

You’re a product-obsessed UI engineer who evaluates all of your work through the lens of user experience. You’ve created a number of fully-formed software products that have been released into the wild and maintained. You have an eye for detail and a love for crafting highly-polished user interfaces with delightful micro-interactions. Your design skills are well-rounded, with experience working at all levels of design – product, interaction, and visual. You know what makes great typography, and how it should be applied.

Because the range of projects is diverse, we need a UI engineer with experience working on a wide variety of projects – building custom UI components, implementing responsive interfaces, or working to improve the responsiveness and performance of our application. You’ll work directly with designers to create new customer-facing features, from idea, through prototype, to release and maintenance.

Technical background

  1. Our front-end is built with CoffeeScript, SASS and HAML. As such, you should have a deep understanding of HTML, CSS and Javascript. You should also have experience working with front-end Javascript frameworks, especially React.js. You should know how to structure maintainable CSS for large projects.
  2. HTTP is the conduit between our front-end and back-end, and as a UI engineer you should have a thorough understanding of this layer of the stack. This includes deep knowledge of cookies, caching, AJAX, cross-domain sharing, security issues, etc.
  3. Our backend runs on Rails with MySQL, Redis, and Elasticsearch on AWS. You should have experience building interfaces for complex applications that are powered by Rails.
  4. We write automated tests for all of our code. You should be passionate about testing since you know it’s the only way to deliver high quality software.


People are the most important part of Delighted, and we take care of our own.

  1. Work remotely or from our beautiful downtown Palo Alto office
  2. Top-tier health insurance with maximized benefits and coverage
  3. Unlimited equipment budget
  4. Relocation assistance
  5. Flexible schedule
  6. Generous maternity and paternity leave
  7. Unlimited vacation and paid time off

About the team

We are a small design-driven team, focused on impeccable user experience. Simplicity, quality, and care inform our decisions and processes. We believe in a collaborative, feedback-rich design process, and feel that great experiences can only come from teams who care deeply. This is the company we’ve always wanted to exist. We share what this all means to us on our blog.

How to apply

If you’re interested, please send a link to your Github account and any products you’ve worked on recently of which you are particularly proud. We prefer great work over resumes.