Why Delighted?

Delighted is the all-in-one solution for gathering feedback, gaining insight, and driving action to improve your experience.

Gather feedback

Say goodbye to complicated survey creation and abysmal response rates. Delighted gives you full control of how, when, and where your customers are surveyed while sticking to survey best practices. Create traditional customer experience surveys and gather deeper feedback by adding Additional Questions.

How Delighted surveys work

Uncover valuable insights

Discover valuable insights locked inside your feedback with powerful segmenting and reporting capabilities. Understand the customer journey, how different customer segments feel about you, or how recent changes are being received. Delighted shines a light on where to improve, and where to double down.

How Delighted reveals insights

Turn insights into action

Whether you’re closing the loop with unhappy customers or solving acute product issues, Delighted gets feedback into the hands of the people who can take action. Delighted also integrates with your existing tools to enrich customer records, provide context for analytics, or communicate with customers.

How Delighted empowers your team