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Automatically trigger post-purchase email surveys with Delighted’s Square integration. Collect real-time feedback after a purchase has been made online or in-store.


Every second, 45 people answer a Delighted survey


Delighted powers 300+ million surveys a year


Free to install: The Square integration is included in the Delighted Free plan. Streamline your feedback workflows for free today.


Trigger post-purchase surveys at the right time

Send a survey immediately at the point of sale, or schedule for later. The delay accounts for delivery and gives your customers enough time to form an impression about your product before they’re asked for feedback.

Feedback with context

When triggering surveys with Square, Delighted includes information like the Square Payment ID, Square Business Name, and Square Customer ID with the feedback, so you have all the context you need to make customer-driven improvements.

Data Exchange

How the Square integration works

For step-by-step setup instructions, view our documentation.

Square processes customer payment

Delighted sends survey to customer


Need some guidance? Check out this guide for setting up the Square integration

Get the help you need from our self-serve customer feedback software or reach out to us.

Square integration setup

About Square

Square is a full-service payments solution for sellers of all sizes. Whether online or in-person, credit card or Apple pay, Square offers hardware and software for managing payments quickly, easily, and securely.

Learn more about Square