Delighted helps the world’s most coveted brands gather customer feedback.


By enabling us to see how we are doing each week on customer experience, Delighted has utterly transformed Bonobos. Most surveys are static; this is a living breathing part of our culture.” Read more

Andy Dunn, Founder and CEO

Delighted helps us keep an active pulse on the DWR customer experience – what’s working, what’s not working. By providing an automated, simple, quick, open-ended way for customers to give feedback we’ve seen great success with response rates and have gathered invaluable insights that help focus attention on the areas with the greatest opportunity for improvement.”

Bethany Kemp, Vice President

Delighted is easy to use, presents a great experience to our owners, and has a wide variety of features, tools and integrations, all of which cost a fraction of anyone else in the market, if they can even match it.”

Dan Jahnke, Senior Manager of Global Consumer & Competitive Insights


Slack uses Delighted to gather feedback from their diverse customer base. As Slack has scaled Delighted scales right along with them, providing easy access for everyone in the company to stay close to the customer.

With a few clicks we’re able to survey our customers and immediately gather feedback. We us the Delighted API to seamlessly integrate with our internal systems. NPS is a vital measurement for customer satisfaction and Delighted is the best way to measure NPS and gather feedback from your customers.”

Josh Bean, Director of Marketing

Delighted has helped us collect feedback and organize it by company and type of user. Integrating with our ticketing system has made it really easy to follow up with customers and see their NPS when providing support.”

Ben Angel, Head of Customer Success & Support


Munchery uses Delighted to measure everything from major branding changes, to each step of meal production and delivery. All the feedback – good or bad – is shared across the company. Read more

Delighted gives us the raw feedback from our users – what is working for them and where we can do better. I start each week with the weekly digest just to make sure I’m focusing my time on our users and on our biggest problems." Read more

Amanda Richardson, VP Product

We have used Delighted for several years now, and have built our culture around working to understand customers based on NPS feedback. Delighted is an integral part of our daily focus on improving customer happiness. I couldn’t recommend it strongly enough." Read more

Allen Darnell, Chief Technology Officer


Delighted has been a great way to keep a pulse on our athletes and get a steady stream of feedback throughout the month. Measuring NPS trends month over month and going deep into the comments to pull out insights makes Delighted a product marketer’s dream.”

Megha Doshi, Marketing Director

As a fast moving startup, Delighted keeps us informed every step of the way. We get the insight we need to ensure we’re growing and iterating with our customers’ happiness top of mind.”

Anne Terry, Marketing

We love Delighted – it is a simple and highly effective way to create a strong feedback loop between our customers and our support, product, engineering, marketing and management efforts.”

Ross Rader, Vice President of Customer Experience

Consumer products

Every time we open up Delighted we find a new way to improve, which at the end of the day is why we are doing this.” Read more

JT Marino, Founder

August has used Delighted for the past 2 years. We love their easy interface and ability to quickly judge how our customers view our product. The team at Delighted has constantly gone above and beyond to help us get what we need out of their system. Great company, and great tool!”

Monika Aufdermauer, Director of Customer Operations

Delighted is an integral part of our customer feedback loop. We use it to keep a pulse on our customer satisfaction, and identify our most passionate customers. The product is very intuitive to use and simple to setup.”

Faisal Al-Khalidi, Growth