Quick and powerful free online survey maker

Choose your question type, customize your brand logo and colors, build custom logic, collaborate, and analyze the results with your team – all in one platform.

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Collect and act on feedback up to 2x faster than other online survey tools in the market.

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Delighted powers 300+ million surveys a year for some of the world's most beloved brands

Create and manage free online surveys with ease

Say goodbye to navigating confusing survey tools and hello to a simple, enjoyable, streamlined survey experience.

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Top benefits of Delighted Surveys

Explore the benefits of Delighted’s free survey maker

Learn how to save time and achieve impactful results with a user-friendly interface, built-in best-practice guidance, and hassle-free collaboration and sharing features.

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Time-saving survey design

Delighted’s free online survey tool is simple to use and navigate, saving you time and making it easier to create and manage surveys efficiently during your workday.

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Flexible question types

Gather various types of information in the most effective way possible with versatile response formats like multiple choice, text, numerical scale, and graphic scale.

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Recommended questions

Optimize your survey using recommended question templates by use case, thoughtfully curated from commonly used questions, methodologies, and best practices.

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Branding customization

Take your brand image center stage by customizing your survey’s logo, colors, and fonts. Then, build a welcome and thank you message for a delightful survey experience from beginning to end.

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Tailored question flow

Create a seamless survey experience by implementing Logic that displays questions based on previous answers. Reduce survey bias by randomizing answer options or providing an “other” open-text option.

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Versatile survey distribution

Transform any interaction into an opportunity for valuable insights by adding your survey URL link to emails, chat messages, or social media. Enjoy the freedom to collect feedback whenever and wherever you choose!

The survey experience is very smooth – the Delighted product is easy to figure out, and creating and publishing a survey is so much simpler than what we’ve used before!”
– Rachel Black, Customer Experience Manager at Chubbies
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Easy team collaboration

From question design to result analysis, you can collaborate with your team at every step of the experience management process. Seek input from other survey editors and colleagues to optimize your survey, and even invite non-Delighted users to view and provide input using a shareable link.

Enhanced mobile usability

Experience survey creation on the go, no matter where your schedule takes you. With our mobile-optimized platform, you can easily create surveys and discover important feedback trends directly from your smartphone. A simple yet sophisticated mobile experience helps you stay on top of feedback throughout your busy workweek.

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Beautiful reports within the free online survey maker

Beautiful automatic summaries

Use pre-built reports and attractive charts to visualize the survey responses, incorporate your insights, and share the results with your team for effortless access and reference.

The ‘Create a report’ option provides great visuals of our responses, all in one dashboard. Also, I really love the collaborator option where co-workers can view the survey and add comments. The feature helps us make sure different departments are aligned with the survey messaging.”
– Suzanne McGrath, Customer Care Manager at Wildfork

Integrate your free online surveys with powerful automation tools like Slack, Webhooks, Zapier, and Google Sheets

Delighted Surveys demo video

Ready to see Delighted Surveys in action?

Watch a demo of Surveys for step-by-step instructions on how to create your first survey.

Delighted Templates

Not sure where to begin? Start improving experiences with ready-made survey templates

Start from scratch with Surveys, or jump into a survey program template designed to automate and manage customer, employee, or product feedback across the experience lifecycle.

Free online survey resources

Improve response rates with self-serve survey design best practices, question guides, and customer stories

Survey FAQ

Get answers to frequently asked questions about surveys

What is a survey?
A survey is a research method used to collect data and gather opinions, thoughts, or feedback from a specific group of people. It typically involves asking a series of questions to participants. The research gathered from surveys can help you understand your audience and make informed, real-time business decisions.

What is a survey maker?
A survey maker refers to a software or online survey tool that helps users create and design any type of survey easily, efficiently, and without required coding. It provides pre-designed templates, question types, and customization options to make the survey creation process smoother.

What are online surveys?
Online surveys are surveys transmitted over the Internet through various platforms or websites. Conducting a survey online allows participants to respond to questions using digital devices such as computers, smartphones, or tablets, eliminating the need for traditional paper-and-pencil surveys. Often as an online form, these surveys are less time-consuming and streamlined for data collection.

Why create an online survey using a survey tool?
In short, a survey tool is convenient, cost-effective, and the most efficient use of your – and your respondents’ – time. Online surveys are convenient for your customers or employees to answer – and thus, more convenient for you to collect their responses. By collecting feedback in one central place, you can begin analyzing results right away and close the loop in minutes. Learn about our free survey tools here.

What is a good survey response rate?
A good survey response rate depends on the target audience, survey topic, and survey distribution method. Generally, a survey response rate that ranges between 5% and 30% is considered “good”. An excellent response rate is 50% or higher. Higher response rates are preferred as they increase the statistical reliability of the survey results.

How do I build a good survey?
Start by considering your survey goals and the target audience. Determine the type of questions you want to ask, such as multiple choice, open-ended, or rating scale questions. Make sure the questions are clear, concise, and unbiased. Then, consider the flow and logical order of the multiple question types to ensure respondents can easily understand and answer them. To create a survey free of errors and bias, double-check your questions and send a test survey to a friend or colleague before sending it to your audience.

Can I create a free survey?
Yes! Delighted has a free-forever plan that doesn’t require a credit card. Jump directly into Delighted’s free survey tool to create a survey today.

How many free surveys can I create?
You can send an unlimited number of Delighted surveys on all plans! Pricing is based on how many responses, or answers to your survey, you receive.

How many free survey responses do I get with Delighted Surveys?
You automatically have 50 free responses when you start on Delighted’s free plan. To receive more responses, expand your program with these flexible paid plan options.

Does Delighted include pre-written surveys?
Delighted Surveys includes recommended sentiment, marketing, product/service, and demographic questions directly at the beginning of the survey creation flow. If you’re looking for a more pre-crafted survey experience, check out our Survey Templates that are built to support your entire experience management journey.

Delighted’s free online survey tool makes building your first custom survey a breeze.