Product/Market Fit survey: Get your PMF score fast

From survey customization and delivery to getting your first set of user responses, Delighted’s Product/Market Fit template is the fastest and easiest way to measure product/market fit.

Now you can learn valuable insights about the people in your market, what they want, and the key areas your business can work on for growth.

Set up in seconds

Create your Product/Market Fit survey in Delighted – no design resources necessary

Ask the right product/market fit questions, like how disappointed users would be if they could no longer use your product.

  • Customize your Product/Market Fit survey with your brand and logo.
  • Localize your survey in 30+ languages to contact respondents in their native language.
  • Find out more about your target audience and their preferences by adding up to 10 Additional Questions after the initial Product/Market Fit survey question.
  • Tailor your Product/Market Fit survey completion thank you message based on how they answer the initial PMF question. Provide next steps or prime users for follow-up requests.
product market fit survey in mobile interface
Send on your terms

Choose the distribution channel that works best for you

Users answer the survey directly within the channel, leading to high response rates without compromising your user experience.

Automate survey delivery for actionable feedback

Trigger web/in-app surveys based on usage criteria, schedule email surveys in Delighted or via one of our pre-built integrations, or hook into the free Delighted REST API for more custom configurations.

Prevent over-surveying with built-in throttling

If you’re surveying via multiple channels, survey throttling powered by Delighted AI evenly spaces your surveys. No one gets surveyed too often, and you get a constant stream of new feedback.

Analyze your feedback

Understand at a glance if your PMF score passes the test

When 40% of users respond “Very disappointed,” it means you have strong product/market fit. Delighted’s reporting features keep that number front and center.

See feedback as it comes in

Drill down into trends with your real-time feedback dashboard. Tag themes, filter by commonly used keywords, and monitor your PMF over time.

product market fit feedback dashboard

No spreadsheets required

Slip our pre-built reports directly into your team presentation, and slice and dice your feedback with a built-in pivot table.

product market fit feedback report

AI-driven text analysis

Trained on the most important feedback themes monitored by our customers, Smart Trends scales feedback analysis by surfacing insights from free response comments.

product market fit feedback trends analysis

Simple data segmentation

Import customer meta-data into Delighted so you can analyze feedback by customer cohort: demographic, plan size, location, feature used – the sky’s the limit.

feedback segmented by user
Share the results

Involve your entire team in reaching product/market fit

Promote transparency, collaboration, and alignment. Delighted PMF software makes it easy to share and act on your user feedback so you can grow faster, better.

  • Add team members as Delighted users so they can investigate the feedback themselves.
  • Pipe feedback into your collaboration and product tools such as Slack and LogRocket to guide quick customer support action.
  • Set up weekly email digests with feedback tailored to your product and marketing teams.
product market fit feedback in slack interface
Integrate Delighted into your tech stack

Connect Delighted to the services you already use

Our integrations make it quick and easy to get the most out of Delighted’s Product/Market Fit software – from automating sending to customers, to following up within your help desk, or sharing feedback across your team.

Why measure PMF

Launch products knowing that you’re satisfying user needs

No matter what stage your company is in, Delighted Product/Market Fit surveys get you the real-time customer insights you need to scale with confidence. With PMF survey feedback, you’ll be able to:

Prioritize your product roadmap
Invest your time in understanding the product lines and feature sets that your most valued users want.

Know whether it’s safe to scale
Discover how your minimum viable product (MVP) should be refined before expanding operations.

Prepare for your next round of funding
Show investors you’ve achieved success with product/market fit and are ready to do more.

Fine-tune your value proposition
Align marketing to exact user needs for improved audience targeting and good brand differentiation.

Check out these best practice guides for more guidance on improving your product experience using our PMF tool

Create Product/Market Fit surveys and get your PMF score in minutes