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What is eNPS?

What is eNPS?

eNPS, or employee Net Promoter Score, measures how employees feel about your company. Quick to implement and easy to analyze, eNPS surveys offer all the same benefits of the customer-facing NPS metric. An eNPS score is a simple and powerful tool to quantify employee satisfaction, make better business decisions, and enable your organization’s success with real-time insights.

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As a small HR team, quickly launching an employee experience feedback solution was a daunting challenge. We found that Delighted’s eNPS surveys are a good way of having a recurring check on the team.”
– Kristine Minter, HR Director at ChowNow
Step one: create your survey

Survey employees confidently, securely, and quickly with Delighted eNPS surveys

Get an instant read on employee sentiment and identify high-impact areas to improve employee retention and productivity with our comprehensive eNPS tool. No implementation services or HR specialist required.

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Customize your eNPS survey

  • An employee NPS survey starts with a simple question: How likely are you to recommend working at [your company] to a friend or colleague?
  • Customize the survey’s look and feel to match your company’s logo and brand image with our easy-to-use technology.
  • Support local languages in all office locations with 30+ translation options.

Follow up with an eNPS open-ended survey question

  • Let your employees tell you how they feel, in their own words, with an open-ended follow-up question for a more informative response.
  • Use the context provided by verbatim feedback to uncover detailed aspects of the current employee experience – including benefit offerings, manager effectiveness, or company policy changes.
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Add a Thank you and an eNPS survey anonymity reminder

  • Build trust with your employees by thanking them for their feedback and expressing the organizational impact behind their participation.
  • Remind them that their privacy is valued and that the employee Net Promoter Score survey is anonymous. Include a link to your company’s handbook or benefits guide for easy reference.

Add up to 10 Additional Questions and get access to top eNPS follow-up questions, backed by Qualtrics

Expand your understanding of employee drivers through customized Additional Questions after the initial eNPS survey question: free-response, scale, multiple choice with a free text “other” option, and multiple select. And, protect against bias with question randomization.

Need guidance on what questions to ask?
Gain access to an eNPS Additional Questions guide with 10 follow-up questions included, prescribed by Qualtrics.

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Reach employees anywhere

Set up recurring eNPS surveys

  • No need for manual employee survey sending, Autopilot has got you covered.
  • Send a one-time employee NPS survey, or schedule recurring eNPS email surveys every 3, 6, and 12 months so you can keep continual tabs on employee sentiment.
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Catch employee concerns early with multiple reporting options

  • Watch as live anonymous employee feedback rolls into the easy-to-use Dashboard report.
  • Slice and dice your feedback by manager or location using custom Properties, tags, keyword filtering, time periods, and scores within your account.
  • Get presentation-ready charts for company leadership meetings with Snapshot and Over time reports — redacted for employee privacy.
  • Rank the keywords, Trends, and scores that correlate with your happiest and unhappiest employees with a built-in Pivot table report. This helps you to clearly understand the key areas and identify specific problems you need to work on in order to get higher scores consistently.

Take action from eNPS insights

eNPS surveys provide a safe channel for employees to provide authentic feedback. Analyzing and acting on employee feedback builds a foundation for increased employee happiness, engagement, and in turn – increased productivity and a better-delivered customer experience.

Involve your managers

eNPS surveys allow employees to drive the conversation anonymously without risk of feeling judged by their managers or peers. However, it’s also crucial for the aggregated employee data to be communicated to managers so they can make internal changes to their performance and day-to-day employee experiences.

“Ever since the required manager training, team morale has been up and my manager has been very responsive to my opinions. I feel heard by my manager and the company! Overall, I’m very happy in my position and with my team.”

Listen after change

When you measure eNPS over time, you can identify trends in employee satisfaction, which can be especially helpful if you’ve introduced changes in the business and want to know how they might affect team sentiment. Use the verbatim feedback to ensure future transitions are as smooth as possible.

“The new policy changes are OK, but I really wanted more flexibility with working from home. I live far away and would have loved for commuting time to be considered prior to the change.”

Continuous improvement

Even the best employer needs to find ways to have a perpetual cycle of employee experience insights. Whether you want to keep track of benefit enrollment preferences, or monitor employee sentiment overall, eNPS survey questions allow your HR teams to address employee needs quickly and retain team members through recurring employee listening.

“I am disappointed that our Medical insurance provider hasn’t changed after the complaints during last year’s enrollment. If we’re expressing our opinions every year, can we at least get clarity when things don’t change?”

Send eNPS surveys through the HR tools you already use

Automate your employee experience program with Delighted’s seamless integrations.

Powered by Zapier, you can trigger eNPS surveys when:

Learn more about our growing list of integrations here.

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eNPS and NPS
The difference between eNPS and NPS questions

What’s the difference between eNPS and NPS?

Using the same calculation system, both NPS and eNPS are loyalty metrics that determine whether a user is a promoter, passive, or detractor. However, the metrics target different audiences – eNPS measures employee sentiment in the workplace while NPS measures customer sentiment toward a brand’s products or services.

Are employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction linked?

When companies have higher eNPS scores, employees tend to be content (or satisfied), engaged, and enjoy the company culture, workplace, and overall employee experience.

This matters for your customers as well.

Studies have shown a possible connection between better employee experience and better customer experience, and therefore, higher customer NPS scores and improved customer loyalty numbers.

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enps resources

Need inspiration on where to begin? Start here with Delighted’s eNPS resources.

Check out our recent articles on optimizing your employee experience program from the inside-out.

Delighted + Qualtrics

Start with Delighted. Grow into Qualtrics.

Delighted eNPS provides an ideal turnkey solution to launch an employee experience program and quickly gather actionable feedback.

As your program matures, Delighted eNPS insights can be extended by the full Qualtrics Employee Experience suite of solutions covering the entire employee engagement lifecycle. Learn more.

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our customers

You don’t have to take our word for it

Delighted helps some of the world’s most coveted brands gather actionable customer feedback and make customer satisfaction a competitive advantage.


“Everyone at Bonobos needs a direct line to customers for feedback. I know that due to Delighted, we avoided disaster.”

“Every time we open up Delighted we find a new way to improve, which at the end of the day is why we are doing this.”

“You need users’ thoughtful, raw feedback to correct and improve experiences for all customers in the future.”

Measuring employee loyalty made easy. Capture actionable, impactful insights with eNPS surveys today.