Customer insights at a glance: Automated survey data analysis and reporting

survey data analysis and reporting

Spend more time driving impact, and less time digging for insights with Delighted’s complete suite of feedback analysis and reporting features.

  • Intuitive role-based dashboard
  • AI-driven survey text analysis and segmentation
  • Presentation-ready reports
  • 2-click integrations to pipe feedback to the whole team

Dashboard reporting – your real-time feedback hub

See all of your NPS and customer satisfaction survey results in a deceptively simple, realtime dashboard that anyone can use. Get a bird’s eye view of customer happiness, or drill down into acute issues experienced by specific customer segments with keyword search and filtering.

  • Slice and dice your feedback effortlessly using custom Properties, tags, keyword filtering, time periods, and scores.
  • Create role and location-based dashboards. Measure NPS for marketing and CSAT for support.
  • Monitor how your score changes over time for various customer or employee segments. Identify the issues that impact customer happiness most.
  • Access all your feedback on your iPhone or iPad with Delighted for iOS.
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AI-driven survey text analysis for instant customer insights

Built on the most important feedback themes monitored by our customers, Smart Trends, powered by Delighted AI, applies the wisdom of the crowd to your customer feedback. Surface Trends in 2 ways.

1. Let Smart Trends do the work

Adopt suggested Trends based on your verbatim feedback. Smart Trends looks for key drivers in the customer experience, such as pricing, ease of use, quality of service, and more.

2. Create Trends from scratch

Define feedback filters that apply to historic and incoming survey responses. Smart Trends automatically suggests relevant keywords to track so nothing slips through the cracks.

Pre-built survey reports – no spreadsheets required.

Keep tabs on specific customer segments that you define, and deeply understand what keeps your happiest customers happy, and your unhappiest customers unhappy.

Share feedback with your team

Invite your team to join in on analyzing feedback directly within the platform, or set up integrations and Email digests to spur collaboration and action.

share customer feedback with your team

Feedback sentiment analysis

Rank the keywords, Trends, and customer segments that correlate with your happiest and unhappiest customers with a built-in Pivot table report.

rank customer feedback themes by sentiment

Instant quantitative reports

Generate comprehensive reports that break down responses, scores, comment rates, and more, by any of your Properties, Trends, Additional Questions, or scores.

create survey report charts

Monitor survey metrics

Survey metrics provide a comprehensive view into survey delivery, response rates, comment rates, bounce rates, and unsubscribes. Optimize your program to collect even more feedback.

monitor survey metrics for optimized response rates

Connect Delighted to the services you already use

Our integrations make it quick and easy to get the most out of Delighted – from automating sending to customers, to following up within your help desk, or sharing feedback across your team.

Want more tips on feedback analysis best practices? We’ve got you covered.

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