Dashboard and reporting

Track customer feedback and trends in realtime.

The dashboard

Delighted displays all of your customer feedback in a deceptively simple, realtime dashboard that anyone can use. The Delighted Dashboard is the hub of your feedback, allowing you to get a bird’s eye view of customer happiness, or drill down into acute issues that specific customer segments are experiencing using intelligent keyword search and filtering. And you can access all your feedback on your iPhone or iPad with Delighted for iOS.

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Feedback in realtime

Feedback appears in your Dashboard the moment respondents provide a score. Typing indicators let you know when a customer is writing a comment.

Slice and dice your feedback

Dashboard filters allow you to slice and dice your feedback effortlessly using custom properties, tags, keywords, time periods, and scores.

Track your score

Graph your score and how it changes over time, or view scores for customer segments that you define, identifying specific issues that influence your score the most.

Search your feedback

Search allows you to filter your entire corpus of feedback by keyword, and see your score for customers who mentioned that keyword.


Delighted gives you the tools you need to uncover valuable insights and patterns that can be difficult to spot from the front lines of customer happiness. Delighted’s extensive reporting functionality allows you to keep tabs on specific customer segments that you define, and deeply understand what keeps your happiest customers happy, and your unhappiest customers unhappy.

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Monitor thematic trends

Monitor broad themes like customer support efficiency, or specific themes like shipping complaints on a particular product.

Sentiment analysis

Pivot table reports allow you to identify and rank the themes that correlate with your happiest and unhappiest customers.

Instant quantitative reports

Generate comprehensive reports that break down responses, scores, comment rates, and more, by any of your properties, Trends, or scores.

Survey metrics

Survey metrics provide a comprehensive view into survey delivery, response rates, comment rates, bounce rates, and unsubscribes.

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