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Measure and improve the employee experience with our free employee survey templates. Seamlessly identify trends, automate reports, and share findings with your team. Delighted makes employee survey management easy.


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Delighted powers 300+ million surveys a year


Collect employee lifecycle feedback with ready-to-use employee survey templates

Getting employee survey questions right is tricky. We’ve taken the guesswork out of the process so you can get the insights you need to take action.

Employee Engagement Survey

Measure the employee experience to surface new opportunities for growth and advancement.
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Employee Exit Survey

Gather valuable insights from departing employees on workload, compensation, management, and more.
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360 Feedback Survey

Gain the full picture of employee development to identify areas of excellence and opportunities for growth.
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Employee Burnout Survey

Use feedback to foster workforce well-being and address employee burnout before it’s an issue.
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Company Satisfaction Survey

Uncover employee sentiment about your organization to create a more supportive and inclusive environment.
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Manager Feedback Survey

Ask employees about organizational leadership to improve management practices and performance.
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Employee Onboarding Survey

Find out if you’re meeting new hire expectations and where to improve the candidate experience.
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Remote Work Survey

Discover how employees feel about remote work policies and what you can do to improve their experience.
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Get visibility into the employee experience with expert-vetted employee survey templates

Delighted Surveys give you the power to ask anything: from collecting onboarding experience feedback to employee exit surveys, we’ve got you covered.

Create with AI

Create holistic employee surveys with the help of AI

Tap into the expertise of an employee survey expert as you’re creating your survey.

After you add 2 questions to your survey, AI Recommended Questions will craft 3 contextual question suggestions for you to choose from.

Whether you’re building from scratch or using one of our templates, you’ll have a more insightful survey in minutes.

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Real-time employee survey results

Uncover real-time employee insights

Use pre-built reports and attractive charts to visualize employee feedback survey responses, incorporate your insights, and share the results with your team for effortless access and reference.

Beautiful reports within the free online survey maker
Collaborate with colleagues

Foster easy team collaboration

From question design to result analysis, you can collaborate with your team at every step of the experience management process. Seek input from other survey editors and colleagues to optimize your survey, and even invite non-Delighted users to view and provide input using a shareable link.

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Why choose Delighted?

What puts Delighted above the rest? We thought you’d never ask.

Choose from Surveys or CX

Create one-off surveys with Delighted Surveys or use eNPS on CX, our end-to-end experience management solution. Delighted gives you the power to ask anything and everything.

Start surveying faster than competitors

Collect and act on feedback up to 2x faster than other survey tools on the market. Say goodbye to navigating confusing survey tools and hello to a simple survey experience.

Advanced branding customization

Maintain branding in your survey by customizing your survey’s logo, colors, and fonts. Then, build welcome and thank you messages for a delightful survey experience from beginning to end.

You don’t have to take our word for it

Delighted helps some of the world’s most coveted brands gather actionable customer feedback and make customer satisfaction a competitive advantage.

“Everyone at Bonobos needs a direct line to customers for feedback. I know that due to Delighted, we avoided disaster.”
“Every time we open up Delighted we find a new way to improve, which at the end of the day is why we are doing this.”
“You need users’ thoughtful, raw feedback to correct and improve experiences for all customers in the future.”