Survey anywhere and everywhere with link surveys

The most flexible survey distribution method, survey link URLs turn any customer touchpoint into an opportunity to gather brand and customer experience feedback.


Every second, 45 people answer a Delighted survey


Delighted powers 300+ million surveys a year


Versatile feedback collection with survey links

Your customized survey link can be shared anywhere. Ask customers for feedback in email signatures, chats, social media platforms, printed marketing materials with QR codes, and more.

Link builder

Quick and simple survey link building experience

Create, name, edit, copy, and manage multiple survey links with a simple in-app link builder. Gathering feedback is as easy as sharing the link.

Custom survey links in Delighted's in-app link builder
Custom links

Design custom links

Distinguish between URLs and confidently share the survey links outside of Delighted, or internally with your team, by attaching the survey name to the URL string.

survey link vanity URL example
QR Code

QR code survey generator

Turn your survey link into a QR code so customers can access your survey with a smartphone camera. Put it on receipts, printed ads, and presentation slides for instant feedback on offline touchpoints.

Link survey QR code example

Prevent or keep multiple survey responses

Choose whether respondents can respond to the survey only once a month, or capture feedback every time the survey is submitted (you can test the link as many times as you want!).

Message to prevent survey link responses

Remove outdated survey links

Ensure up-to-date feedback and prevent any customers from accidentally stumbling on an old survey by deleting out-of-date survey links directly within the platform.

Message to delete survey link when no longer needed

Join 75,000+ of the world's most beloved brands

Create and customize your link survey in minutes

Create a survey link for any use case. Add branding, customize your survey questions, and analyze the results – all in Delighted.


Code-free customization

Customize the brand or product you are asking about, the language, and final thank you message within the Delighted app, not buried in code.

survey link code-free customization

Use Templated questions

Send NPS, 5-star, CSAT, Smiley, or CES link surveys to monitor the quality of your customer experience and collect actionable feedback. Want more flexibility? Create a questionnaire from scratch with our free survey maker.

link survey templates
Ask more

Add Additional Questions

Configure up to 10 follow-up questions to surface deeper insights. Use conditional logic so customers only need to answer questions that are relevant to their experience.

survey link additional questions
survey link reporting segmentation dashboard

Segment customers

By default, survey links are anonymous. However, you can attach customer details to the survey responses by adding Properties within the link’s settings that will then be pulled into reporting.


Use in combination with other Delighted survey methods such as Email, Web, Kiosk, and SDK. We’ll manage who is surveyed across all methods.

survey link distribution methods

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You don’t have to take our word for it

Delighted helps some of the world’s most coveted brands gather actionable customer feedback and make customer satisfaction a competitive advantage.

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