18 must-have features for gathering actionable feedback with email surveys

Email surveys are a simple and direct way to gather feedback from your customers. Here’s what you need to ensure high response rates and actionability.

Delighted sends 200+ million email surveys per year on behalf of brands worldwide. Every 2 seconds, someone answers a Delighted email survey.

1. Embedded email surveys

Customers respond to Delighted surveys directly in the email they receive, resulting in higher survey response rates and less customer frustration.

When we implemented Delighted, we saw a huge increase in responses, because the survey can be taken right in the email. It’s just a better customer experience.”
– April Troester, VP of Customer Service at Research Square
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2. Optimized for mobile

Delighted surveys are designed to work beautifully on all platforms and devices, allowing your customers to leave feedback wherever they are.

email survey mobile optimized

3. Multiple survey templates

Ask for feedback using NPS, CSAT, CES, Smileys, 5-star, and Thumbs survey templates in 30+ languages. Tailor the question to your use case.

nps, csat, star, and smiley email survey templates

4. Code-free customization

Customize your email survey logo and colors to match your brand directly in the Delighted platform, no design or development resources required.

customize email survey logo and colors

5. Add Additional Questions

Ask follow-up questions to uncover crucial insight on survey responses. Layer up to 10 custom questions within a single survey flow.

add additional follow-up questions to your email survey
contextual email survey follow-up with a thank you message

6. Contextualize follow-up

Collecting feedback is just the first step. Delighted makes it easy to act on feedback with a customizable Thank you message and automatic ticket creation in your favorite CRM tools.

We really rely on Delighted for the email survey functionality. It’s really about the cycle of what’s important to customers, addressing it, following up, making sure that we’ve addressed the issue. Or, just thanking them for their time for getting back to us, sharing positive feedback, and then just repeating that cycle over and over again.”
– Laura Reigel, Senior Customer Marketing Manager at PayScale

7. Email surveys via integration

Trigger email surveys from the tools you already use, such as Shopify, Stripe, Segment, Zendesk, Mailchimp, and Squarespace.

trigger email surveys with integrations

8. Rest API

Use our REST API to automatically survey customers after a delivery, when a guest checks out, or after a support interaction.

trigger email surveys via REST API

9. Schedule sends in Delighted

Upload an email list to Delighted, and specify the optimal day and time you want your surveys to be delivered. Automate delivery with Autopilot.

schedule email surveys in Delighted

10. Survey throttling

Survey throttling increases response rates by ensuring that your customers are never over surveyed.

survey throttle thresholds for better response rates

11. Fully authenticated delivery

Every email survey we send is verified using DKIM, SPF and DMARC, meeting the strictest sending policies to ensure secure and reliable delivery.

authenticated email surveys

12. Use your own domain

Send from your own domain with a custom configured DNS at no additional cost – just get in touch and we’ll set it up.

send email surveys from your domain

13. Test email subject lines

Our default email survey subject line gets industry-high open rates of 47%, but you can continue optimizing based on your audience.

test email survey subject lines

14. Incentivize responses

Add an intro message that gives context for the survey. Offer an incentive for participating, and let your customers know their feedback is valued.

email survey intro message

15. Segment feedback in your real-time dashboard

Attach Properties to your contact list or via your integration to segment feedback by customer metadata – what product they purchased, which service rep they spoke with, and more.

email survey feedback segmentation

16. Share feedback with your entire team

Pipe all the feedback you collect back into your systems so your team can act on it, whether that’s in Slack, Salesforce, or Intercom – see our full list of integrations to explore the possibilities.

email survey feedback shared in Slack

17. Email signature surveys

Want to collect quick feedback on your email correspondence? Add an email signature survey after your signoff.

email signature survey

18. Multiple survey channels

Need more ways to collect feedback? Use web, SDK, and link surveys in the channel most comfortable for them.

email survey distribution channels
Best Practices for Sending Surveys

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