Gather actionable feedback from your customers via email

Email surveys are a simple and direct way to gather feedback from your customers. No links to external surveys – reply directly in the email.

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Respond directly in email

Customers respond to Delighted surveys directly in the email they receive, resulting in higher response rates and less customer frustration.

Optimized for mobile

Delighted surveys are designed to work beautifully on all platforms and devices, allowing your customers to leave feedback wherever they are.

Code-free customization

Customize the brand or product you are asking about, the language, and final thank you message within the Delighted app, not buried in code.

Multiple import formats

You can import new people into Delighted using a wide variety of formats including CSV, Microsoft Excel, or simply by pasting a list.

We handle delivery

Delighted handles the nuts and bolts of survey delivery. You provide the email addresses, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Schedule your surveys

Specify the day and time you want your surveys to be delivered. This saves you time and ensures customers are surveyed at the most optimal time.

Add Additional Questions

Ask follow-up questions to uncover crucial insight on survey responses. Layer up to 10 custom questions within a single survey flow.

add additional questions to your survey

Contextualize follow up

Customize a Thank You message based on the survey response. Personally follow up with low scorers and encourage high scorers to share.

customize the survey thank you page based on response


Use our REST API to survey customers after a delivery, when a guest checks out, or after a support interaction. The possibilities are endless.

Survey throttling

Survey throttling increases response rates by insuring that your customers are never over surveyed.

Rigorously optimized

We take care of ensuring that the deliverability and response rate of your surveys are always optimized.

Use your own domain 1

We can configure custom DNS for you. This allows your survey emails to come from your domain.

1. This feature is available by request at no additional cost. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to turn it on.

Fully authenticated delivery

Every email survey we send is verified using DKIM, SPF and DMARC, meeting the strictest sending policies to ensure secure and reliable delivery.

Survey automatically

Autopilot lets you automatically survey customers on an ongoing basis. Add your customers and choose a time period. Autopilot does the rest.