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Whether you’re just starting your feedback collection journey or looking for a refresher on best practices, these resources will get you on your way to creating a future-proof, customer- and employee-centric business.

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New to customer experience? Delighted has a number of guides available for download covering how to get your CX program started and take survey feedback to its full potential. 

Startup funding crunch ebook

Beat the startup funding crunch with holistic feedback

Since investments in US startups dropped 11% in 2022, we surveyed 250+ startups on how they are navigating the funding crunch. Learn startups’ top priorities, pain points, and future plans.

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Top 8 retail consumer trends for omnichannel retail strategy

Learn what Delighted uncovered by surveying 1,200 shoppers about their preferences and behaviors. Align your omnichannel strategy post-lockdown to leverage emerging trends in the retail industry. 

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Delighted guide consumer trends

Maximize the value of your feedback program with Delighted

Check out some of our webinars available for viewing on-demand. Learn how Delighted can be utilized across industries with tools that maximize customer experience by collecting feedback.

Casper Friendbuy Tremendous Delighted Webinar


Webinar: How Casper unlocks Promoter referral revenue

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Explore how your peers use Delighted to infuse customer insights into their company directives and day-to-day operations

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