Automatically gather website feedback in real-time

No email addresses required! Trigger a Delighted survey on any page with our website feedback tool. Get up and running in minutes, not days.

For all types of websites

Gather feedback from visitors to your website, signed-in users of your SaaS app, or after a purchase on your ecommerce website. You are in complete control.

Adaptive Sampling

We’ll ensure that you receive a smooth rate of feedback by surveying your customers at a regular tempo. We base this on a number of factors, including your current plan and website traffic.

Add Additional Questions

Ask follow-up questions to uncover crucial insight and identify anonymous users. Layer up to 10 custom questions within a single survey flow.

add additional questions to your survey

Contextualize follow up

Customize a Thank You message based on the survey response. Personally follow up with low scorers and encourage high scorers to share.

customize the survey thank you page based on response


Use in combination with other Delighted survey methods such as Email, SMS, and Link. We’ll manage who is surveyed across all methods.

send surveys via email, sms, link, web, and in-app

Setup is easy

Minimal technical knowledge required! Simply drop our Javascript snippet into your website’s HTML and you’ll be collecting feedback immediately.

Optimized for mobile

Delighted surveys are designed to work beautifully on all platforms and devices, allowing your customers to leave feedback wherever they are.

Code-free customization

Customize the brand or product you are asking about, the language, and final thank you message within the Delighted app, not buried in code.

Additional resources and best practices for collecting website feedback