Delighted SDK: The easiest way to create seamless in-app surveys

Build native mobile app surveys for iOS and Android using the Delighted SDK. Our world-class, user-focused survey experience, reimagined for mobile.


Every second, 45 people answer a Delighted survey


Delighted powers 300+ million surveys a year


In-app surveys for in-the-moment feedback

Create beautiful surveys for your app to capture product, churn, post-purchase, and overall experience feedback.

Fine-tune the look of your in-app survey, directly inside the Delighted web app

Our in-app survey is seamless, so it won’t interfere with your app’s user experience. You can easily customize it to suite your brand and use case.


Code-free customization

Set your brand color, position of the survey modal, button styles, and more directly inside the Delighted web app. You can set the survey to pop up in the center of the screen, or slide up unobtrusively from the bottom. No code required.

SDK survey customization

Multiple survey templates

Tailor in-app surveys to your exact need in 30+ languages. Whether that means 5-star, Thumbs, Smileys, NPS, CSAT, or CES – every Delighted survey type has been specially adapted to the mobile form factor.

SDK survey templates
Ask more

Add Additional Questions

Ask follow-up questions to uncover crucial insight on survey responses. Layer up to 10 custom questions within a single survey flow to get even more specific mobile app feedback.

SDK survey additional questions

On-device survey previews

It’s easy to see how your in-app surveys will appear to the end user. Use your iPhone camera to scan a QR code and preview your survey in an instant.

SDK survey QR code preview

Fully native code

The Delighted SDK is written in Swift with special provisions made for seamless compatibility with applications written in Objective-C.

Survey frequency

Configure if you want to capture feedback from new users, returning users, or users who only land on a certain page. You can set your survey to show only once per user, or on a recurring basis after a certain time delay.

Multi-platform surveys

Use in combination with other Delighted survey methods such as Email, QR code and Link surveys. We’ll automatically manage who is surveyed across all methods to prevent survey fatigue.

Advanced branding

Configure the look of your surveys even further with the help of our Concierge team. Visit our Help Center to learn more.

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Analyze and act on in-app feedback

See real-time app feedback in your Delighted Dashboard. Organize and tag all your feedback for deeper analysis, and easily act on survey responses by integrating it directly into the tools your teams already use.


Share feedback with your team

Put feedback directly in front of the people who can act on it with our two-click integrations. Whether your company lives in Slack or operates out of Salesforce, you can easily integrate Delighted into your systems and workflows to take action. See our full list of integrations to explore the possibilities.


Reporting and analysis

Use pre-built reports to monitor customer sentiment and surface actionable insights. Run AI-driven survey text analysis with Smart Trends, and summarize and compare all of your feedback with our Pivot Table report. Do all this in Delighted – no spreadsheets necessary.

customer experience solution smart trends ai example

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You don’t have to take our word for it

Delighted helps some of the world’s most coveted brands gather actionable customer feedback and make customer satisfaction a competitive advantage.

“Everyone at Bonobos needs a direct line to customers for feedback. I know that due to Delighted, we avoided disaster.”
“Every time we open up Delighted we find a new way to improve, which at the end of the day is why we are doing this.”
“You need users’ thoughtful, raw feedback to correct and improve experiences for all customers in the future.”