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Our Templates are more than just a survey template with question examples – they contain everything you need to run an evergreen experience program: survey scheduling, over time reporting, feedback segmentation, and 40+ integrations for triggering surveys and piping feedback wherever you need it to go.

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Delighted powers 300+ million surveys a year for some of the world's most beloved brands

Survey templates for customer, product, and employee feedback

Gather feedback on customer satisfaction and employee engagement at all times using industry-standard metrics, like Net Promoter Score (NPS).

The great thing about Delighted is that it allows us to track our customers specifically. Just by one person providing a verbatim comment, we can dive deeper into what went wrong and try to fix issues that cause a larger customer impact.”
– Jessie Reed, Manager of the Social Care and Community Team at Affirm
Ask, Analyze, Act

Turnkey survey template solutions to streamline every aspect of your experience management program

Tailor 12-question survey templates to your brand with our intuitive interface

  • Make these survey templates your own with your logo and brand colors, specific use case, an intro message, and a Thank you message.
  • Cater to your target audience by translating your survey from a selection of 30+ languages.
  • Set up conditional survey logic based on how customers answer the initial survey question, and protect against bias with question randomization.
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Send surveys from the right channel at the optimal time

  • Get high response rates with satisfaction surveys optimized for any channel: email, web, in-app, or kiosk.
  • Schedule and automate recurring email feedback surveys so you have more time to focus on closing the loop with your survey recipients.
  • Rely on built-in email survey throttling and adaptive web sampling so no one ever gets oversurveyed, and you have a steady stream of survey responses.

Analyze and report on the results immediately

  • Real-time Dashboard reporting with verbatim feedback
  • Instant quantitative reports based on survey data
  • Customer segmentation via Properties
  • AI-driven sentiment analysis

More Templates reporting features

Automatically close the loop on customer feedback

  • Pipe feedback throughout your organization with Alerts and Integrations
  • Publish customer Testimonials
  • Spur action on the Thank You page
  • Create tickets in your Help Desk

More Templates features for acting on feedback

Seamlessly integrate

Discuss feedback in Slack, trigger surveys from Stripe, sync feedback to Salesforce, store all your feedback in your data warehouse, and more.

Benefit from the wisdom of the crowd with Delighted AI

Configured to tailor industry best practices to your CX program, Delighted AI takes care of the nuts of bolts of collecting data and analysis, so you can focus on making an impact.

Send different types of surveys – from customer to employee surveys – at just the right time to collect customer feedback, use text analysis to mine survey results for insights, and respond to engaged customers.

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Check out our resources on different types of survey questions you can use with our turnkey CX templates.

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