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Automate your customer experience workflows with the integration

Trigger Delighted surveys, sync feedback, and more across thousands of unique connectors. Integrate feedback automation across the customer journey – no coding experience required.

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Every second, 45 people answer a Delighted customer survey
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Delighted powers 300+ million surveys a year for some of the world's most beloved brands

Free to install: The Delighted + integration is included in the Delighted Free plan. Streamline your feedback workflows for free today.

Delighted + Integration

How the integration works: Trigger surveys or sync feedback in 4 steps

Combine the power of’s automation platform and Delighted customer feedback surveys with this integration. Trigger new Delighted surveys and/or sync feedback to over a thousand of your favorite apps.


Create your Delighted feedback survey

Set up your survey in minutes, not days: customize one of our many pre-built survey templates to suit your brand. Choose from Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Customer Effort Score (CES), Thumbs surveys, and more. Measure customer sentiment with surveys following a purchase or customer support interaction.


Select a survey distribution method and collect feedback

Send surveys directly to customer inboxes. The Delighted + integration currently supports Delighted’s Email platform.


Set up your + Delighted connector

Using your Delighted API key, log into to set up your Delighted connector. We provide instructions on our integrations page of exactly where to add the API key.


Automate feedback across the customer journey

Design your preferred workflow between Delighted and over a thousand other popular apps supported in’s connector library. Depending on your needs, the Delighted + integration seamlessly triggers Email surveys and syncs customer sentiment data into your most-used apps so you can capture, report, and respond to feedback at the customer touchpoints that matter most.

Data Exchange

How the integration works

For step-by-step setup instructions, view our documentation.

Choose your Delighted connector and operation in

Arrange your workflow to trigger Email surveys, sync survey responses, and more.


Need some guidance? Check out these guides for setting up the integration

Get the help you need from our self-serve customer feedback software or reach out to us.

Grab your API key to get started integration documentation


With, you can easily create cross-app automations with no coding required. Their user-friendly interface and extensive connector library allows you to seamlessly connect all your favorite apps and streamline your workflows. Say goodbye to time-consuming and repetitive tasks and hello to increased productivity with

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