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Delighted had the opportunity to sit down with WayUp’s Vice President of Growth Marketing, Shayla Foley, to learn about how she masters the candidate experience through NPS surveys.

Tell us about WayUp’s mission.

WayUp is a double-sided marketplace that connects early career professionals with top employers. Candidates can find jobs, be found by employers, or get advice. We put the candidate experience first, making sure that every step of the way candidates know where they stand with employers.

Can you describe your role at WayUp?

I am the Vice President of Growth Marketing, and I have been at WayUp for around two and a half years. I am responsible for all things brand, acquisition, retention, and candidate communication and marketing here at WayUp.

What role does feedback play at WayUp? What problem does it help you solve?

Candidate feedback is what makes us tick at WayUp. We pride ourselves on the experience we have created for job seekers and it shows with our Delighted NPS score. We are REALLY proud of the score we have received over the last year and a half. On the flip side, it also really helps us find a gap or problem that users are having with our product. We read every single piece of feedback that comes in from those who submit the NPS survey, and whether it’s positive or negative we take it back to the team and share findings.

“The Customer Concierge Team is spectacular to work with and makes it really easy and seamless for us to integrate with our email service provider.”

Tell us about how your Delighted program is set up.

We currently use Delighted NPS surveys through email distribution. Delighted has created a Blueshift cloud app integration with our email service provider that allows us to trigger the sending of the email within our retention tool. We survey a random subset of our users after they complete a main action on our site (applying for a job). We also have utilized Delighted’s tagging system so we can attribute different attributes to each NPS score to further understand where we are performing best, and where improvements will have the most impact.

What’s your favorite part of the Delighted platform? Why?

There is so much about Delighted that I love, but I will narrow down to the top 2 things. First, the Customer Concierge Team is spectacular to work with and makes it really easy and seamless for us to integrate with our email service provider. The second thing is the platform and reporting functionality. It makes it so easy for us to report and track our NPS score across the company. We’ve also created Slack channels to share positive vibes each time they come in with the rest of the company.

Could you tell us about how you share and act on customer feedback?

We use and look at the feedback every day. We have real-time alerts that let us know when positive feedback comes in and we share a positive vibes email every Friday to show the awesome feedback that has come in the past week. In addition, we make sure to look through the few negative reviews we do get to make sure there are no major issues with the candidate experience.

Could you share an example of how customer feedback influenced business decisions?

Right when we began using Delighted, we were rolling out a new product offering to our users. With Delighted’s tagging capabilities, we were able to understand the NPS score for users who have used the new product versus users who haven’t. This was extremely helpful for our company, as we were able to then narrow down the feedback to decide if the new product was a great fit for our users. This then helped to influence our decision to further flesh out that product offering.

“We’ve found the most success when we’ve been able to use the NPS feedback across our company and across different teams.”

How do you measure the success of your customer experience program?

We are constantly tracking and measuring our NPS score over time by month, quarter, etc. My team is focused on the candidate experience and this helps us keep track of where we are and how we are tracking towards that goal.

What advice would you give someone who’s starting an experience management program?

My main advice when using a platform like Delighted is to make sure to set specific goals and track and monitor progress to those goals. We’ve found the most success when we’ve been able to use the NPS feedback across our company and across different teams. My other piece of advice would be to ensure multiple teams within your company are responsible for the NPS scores. For us, the performance of NPS lies under our Consumer Marketing Team and our Product team—this has allowed us to better collaborate in order to make improvements and adjustments based on the feedback we receive.

If we were to take Delighted away from you, what would be the impact on your business?

We would have absolutely no way to measure our candidate experience, which would be terrible! When I say we look at the feedback and NPS score constantly, I’m not kidding. We would really be lagging on the candidate experience and feedback on our product. In addition, this is a place where our users can share open and honest feedback easily which is super important to WayUp.

Would you recommend Delighted? Why?

Absolutely, they have been fantastic partners to us and their platform and product is great. The integration and ongoing client support is so appreciated and something we LOVE about Delighted.

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“Everyone at Bonobos needs a direct line to customers for feedback. I know that due to Delighted, we avoided disaster.”
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