Optimizing your feedback program with intelligent automation and machine learning

Fine-tuned with data from millions of survey results from customers like you, Delighted AI is built into every part of the survey process. Delighted AI optimizes the survey experience to ensure high-quality feedback and automatically surfaces customer insights for you at scale.

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What is Delighted AI?

Before starting a customer experience program, many people underestimate what it takes to collect feedback consistently and reliably – you need to be an email marketer, a designer, an engineer, a data analyst.

Delighted AI takes the guesswork out of all those various disciplines by taking care of the nuts and bolts of feedback collection for you behind the scenes. With Delighted AI powering your program, anyone can gather and analyze feedback easily and reliably, freeing up your time to do what only you can do: create a meaningful, memorable experience with your brand.

Our AI is purpose-built, completely in-house, to meet the particular needs of the customer feedback space, with no extensive configuration or time-consuming AI algorithm training required to get usable results.

It has been trained anonymously on the millions of pieces of feedback that we and our customers have accumulated over the years. What’s more, it will continue to learn based on how all of our customer experience programs evolve.

When it comes to CX, you can take a step back, relax, and let Delighted AI sweat the details.

Reporting & analysis: Insights surfaced

Identifying feedback trends is crucial to improving your product and customer experience. Refined with data from the most relevant survey sets, Delighted AI is optimized to uncover recurring patterns within your survey responses. Use the time saved to focus on plan execution and cross-team collaboration.

Smart Trends

Trends and keywords are automatically suggested for you with Smart Trends. Understand themes in your feedback at scale, without having to read through every single comment, freeing up more time for action.

AI email digest

Email digest

Send a CX metric breakdown with AI-curated feedback on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to each Delighted user. Use this recurring snapshot to analyze improvements and monitor progress over time.

We just recently launched a new try-at-home brand called Outlines, and we were able to do so with the help of Delighted AI by capturing and applying feedback early – this enabled us to pivot, at a rate we’ve never been able to do, towards what our customers actually wanted from our brand.”
– Roxana Turcanu, Growth Director for Adore Me, a New York-based e-commerce company

Email: Inbox optimized

Worried about over-surveying? Find comfort in knowing that with Delighted AI, your customer will only receive surveys at an optimal cadence, so you’ll get high-quality responses in return.

Email throttling

Maintain high response rates by preventing survey fatigue ahead of time. Identified by the email address or phone number, survey throttling automatically ensures that the same person isn’t sent or shown a Delighted survey more than once in a set time period.

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artificial intelligence response filtering

Response filtering

Have confidence in your data. Bot filtering automatically evaluates email survey responses to detect and prevent any illegitimate submissions in your inbox.

Web and SMS: Timing perfected

Managing when and how many surveys are sent to your customers can be daunting. Delighted AI does the executing for you so you can put any worries aside and trust that the right amount of surveys are going out at the best time for your customer to ensure the highest response rate.

Adaptive sampling

We’ll make sure that you receive a smooth rate of feedback by surveying your customers at a regular tempo. We base this on a number of factors, including your current plan and app usage/website traffic.

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Smart Scheduling

Nobody wants a text message at 2am asking for feedback. Smart Scheduling automatically ensures your customers are only surveyed during the day, no matter what time zone they’re in.

You don’t have to take our word for it

Delighted helps some of the world’s most coveted brands gather actionable customer feedback and make customer satisfaction a competitive advantage.


“Everyone at Bonobos needs a direct line to customers for feedback. I know that due to Delighted, we avoided disaster.”

“Every time we open up Delighted we find a new way to improve, which at the end of the day is why we are doing this.”

“You need users’ thoughtful, raw feedback to correct and improve experiences for all customers in the future.”

Start acting on insights faster than ever before. Delighted AI has got you covered

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