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Find out how well your business is adapting to evolving customer needs with customer satisfaction surveys. Act on real-time feedback to win their confidence, trust, and lasting loyalty, even through times of disruption and uncertainty.

How Happy Returns uses Delighted to monitor their new COVID experience

Our Return Bar network just reopened, and we’ve been using Delighted to track how shoppers are responding to our new contact-free returns process. With that feedback, we can collect and address any customer concerns as they come up, and continue providing a stellar return experience.”

Rachel LaConti, Sr. Manager of Location Partnerships at Happy Returns

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Create effective online surveys in minutes

From customization to distribution, you’ll be able to do it all yourself within the Delighted platform. Gain the insights you need with an initial rating question and open-ended follow-up, proven to garner high response rates.

csat survey desktop and mobile

Start with a rating question

Measure the quality of your overall experience. Choose from various rating scales, including smiley faces, stars, and the classic numbered scale.

csat survey question

Get context for improvement

Customers share the “why” behind their rating in a free-response question. This is where you can surface unbiased, actionable feedback.

in-store satisfaction survey free response follow-up question

Multiple delivery channels

Send your survey via emailSMSanonymous URL links, or QR code for seamless delivery. Use Properties to automatically segment feedback by school location.

send surveys via email, sms, link, web, and in-app

Code-free customization

Create a branded survey with our simple web setup experience, no technical skills required. Just upload your logo and brand colors to match your brand style guide.

customize color and style of your retail survey

Contextualize follow up

Customize a thank you message to the initial rating. Let unhappy customers know they’ve been heard, and ask happy customers to spread the word.

close the loop on your in-store feedback

Add Additional Questions

A premium paid feature. Ask follow-up questions to uncover crucial insight on survey responses. Layer up to 10 custom questions within a single survey flow.

add additional questions to your in-store experience survey

See customer feedback in your real-time dashboard

Customer feedback that is trapped in a spreadsheet doesn’t help you or your customers. Prioritize and share your customers’ feedback on cleanliness, safety, and ease of pickup with each store location.

  • See all of your feedback in your customers’ own words – in real-time.
  • Prioritize top concerns for each store location.
  • Search for specific keywords and see scores and feedback for just those segments.
  • Create Trends from saved searches for quick reporting.
  • Automatically segment and share feedback by store location for immediate action.
retail in-store experience feedback dashboard

Works with the tools you already use

No IT required. Delighted integrates seamlessly with 750+ tools. Automatically trigger CSAT surveys and review feedback results in the tools familiar to your team. Information flows seamlessly to never miss an opportunity to collect customer feedback and proactively respond.

You don’t have to take our word for it

Delighted helps some of the world’s most coveted brands gather actionable customer feedback and make customer satisfaction a competitive advantage.

Design Within Reach

Collect and act on feedback to create a memorable experience for your customers.

Built by people who care deeply about customer experience

Created and run by a team who believes that great experiences are first and foremost.

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