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Automatically sync Delighted survey responses back to Airtable records instantaneously with a Zapier connection.

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How this integration works

Airtable survey integration

Trigger a Delighted survey via Airtable

Airtable survey integration

Airtable record is created or updated

Streamline Delighted feedback with the Airtable survey integration

Integrate Delighted responses with Airtable in 4 steps with Zapier’s pre-built integration. Optimize your spreadsheets with updated Airtable records so you feel confident that all on-the-spot survey data is synced to your existing workflows.

Airtable integration

About Airtable

Built for both personal and business use, Airtable is a colorful and intuitive collaboration spreadsheet tool that can be used for things as simple as managing tasks to as large as creating impactful applications - no coding experience required.

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