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Google Sheets

With the Google Sheets integration via Zapier, Delighted survey responses will be added to your spreadsheet without you having to lift a finger. Trigger surveys automatically after a new row is added in Google Sheets.

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How this integration works

Google Integration survey received

Customer responds to Delighted survey

Google integration syncs to spreadsheet

Feedback info is added to Google Sheets

Save time with the Google Sheets integration

Gain time back from the data collection process with our Google Sheets integration. Record survey responses to your spreadsheets automatically and trigger surveys instantly after a new row is added to your workbook. Get connected in minutes with Zapier and then sort, analyze, and graph your Delighted customer data!

Google sheets integration example

About Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a free spreadsheet program provided by Google that is optimized for real-time team-collaboration and device accessibility. Bundled with Google Drive, the online service makes editing spreadsheets simple and available to everyone.

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