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Google Sheets

Seamlessly sync and backfill Delighted data into Google Sheets to create custom reports for team collaboration. Simplify feedback analysis and external reporting with the free Google Sheets integration.

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How the Google Sheets integration works

Google Integration survey received

Use Delighted to collect survey data from customers or employees

Google integration syncs to spreadsheet

Sync Delighted survey data into Google Sheets

Export survey data into Google Sheets

Map Delighted survey responses into your team’s spreadsheets with ease. Once the integration is activated, you can add response data to a new or existing spreadsheet. Set rules for which responses get synced to which Google Sheet. Each response will create a new row within the connected worksheet, automatically mapping all response data including the customer’s name, email, score, comment, and answers to Additional Questions.

Google Sheets integration user flow

Simplify external custom reports with Delighted survey data

Sync all survey feedback into a spreadsheet to compare data across different survey projects. Use your Delighted data to make custom pivot tables, enhance reports with your core business metrics, and automate workflows outside the Delighted app.

Google sheets integration activated

About Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a web application that allows users to create, share, and edit spreadsheets online in real time. Sync and collaborate with team members all over with tracked changes to monitor updates.

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