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Dive deeper into qualified lead details by syncing Delighted survey responses directly into Pipedrive with Zapier. Trigger surveys based on matching filters to capture all necessary information throughout the sales cycle.

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How this integration works

Pipedrive survey integration survey sent

A Delighted survey is sent based on a specified trigger

Pipedrive survey integration person record

The Person record gets updated with survey feedback

Add feedback to the sales process with the Pipedrive integration

Trigger Delighted surveys based on specific events in Pipedrive, catered to what makes sense for your business. With this pre-built Zapier connection, you can collect and record Delighted feedback throughout the sales pipeline within minutes.

Pipedrive survey integration example

About Pipedrive

Pipedrive is an intuitive Customer Relationship Management platform that provides organization and visibility into the sales pipeline. Designed specifically by salespeople, the platform makes monitoring deals and lead metrics easy so you can focus on the right activities off the bat.

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