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Gather more nuanced, insightful feedback for your customer support team with Delighted CSAT and NPS surveys, and act on all of it through the Zendesk survey integration for a streamlined support experience.

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How this integration works

Zendesk NPS survey created

Customer responds to Delighted survey

Zendesk NPS ticket created

Zendesk ticket is created per response

Zendesk + feedback surveys - The easiest way to improve customer satisfaction

Through the Zendesk survey integration, you can trigger NPS and CSAT surveys based on configured conditions, instantly sync response data to matching Zendesk contacts, and close the loop faster than ever by automatically sending surveys to customers after a ticket is closed.

Zendesk integration flow

About Zendesk

Zendesk is a suite of tools enabling seamless omnichannel customer interactions. Manage customer support tickets, build a knowledge base, chat in realtime with customers, or arrange a phone call with them – all in one well-designed package.

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