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Zoho Recruit

Trigger Delighted email surveys when records are added or updated in Zoho Recruit via Zapier. Collect feedback right at the start of the employee lifecycle to fine-tune your hiring and onboarding strategy.


Every second, 45 people answer a Delighted survey


Delighted powers 300+ million surveys a year

Zoho Recruit

Free to install: The Zoho Recruit survey integration is available on all Delighted plans.


Send immediately or delayed

Capture candidate and new employee feedback at exactly the right time. Trigger surveys immediately for in-progress or rejected candidates, and set a time delay for new employees to evaluate the efficacy of your onboarding process.

Data Exchange

How the Zoho Recruit integration works

For a complete list of data synced from Zoho Recruit to Delighted, view our documentation.

Candidate record added or updated in Zoho Recruit

Delighted sends an email survey via Zapier for candidate feedback


Ready to get started? Check out these guides for setting up the Zoho Recruit integration

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Zoho Recruit integration setup
Zoho Recruit integration blog announcement

About Zoho Recruit

A cloud-based applicant tracking system, Zoho Recruit provides recruitment agencies, corporate HR teams, and temporary staffing companies with an end-to-end hiring solution.

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