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The tighter the job market gets, the more important it becomes to have a solid candidate recruiting experience and feedback-driven system for employee retention.

To support your company in that goal, today we’re excited to announce 3 new HR/recruiting platform integrations that automate employee feedback collection throughout the entire employee lifecycle: Greenhouse, Zoho Recruit, and BambooHR.

With these HR platforms + Delighted, you’ll be able to foster the best working environment possible, with the lightest lift.

Powered by Zapier, these integrations automate your employee listening program. Trigger Delighted employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) surveys when:

Why it’s critical to provide a top-notch employee experience across the entire employee lifecycle

When we think of the “employee experience,” it’s easy to limit the experience that requires evaluation to where employees spend the most time – after they’re hired and performing in their role.

But the truth is the first impression your company makes is critical – it determines whether you’re able to make the right hires and retain that talent in the first place.

The 2021 Candidate Experience Report found that:

  • 58% of job seekers had declined a job offer due to poor experience.
  • 37% of candidates said they’ve left a negative review online after having a negative experience.
  • 61% of candidates said they’ve left a positive review online after having a positive experience.

What’s more, 55% of job seekers who read a negative review of your company may decide against applying for a position at all.

After starting a new position, 1 in 10 people ended up leaving the company due to a poor onboarding experience.

These new Zapier-powered integrations help you capture feedback in those early stages of the employee lifecycle and thereafter, completely on autopilot. 

Let’s dive into the particulars.

Greenhouse and Zoho Recruit: Dial in interview and onboarding processes

Capture candidate and new employee feedback at exactly the right time. We cannot emphasize enough that optimized survey timing is half the battle to getting increased volumes of pertinent feedback, since you’ll be asking while the experience is still fresh.

  • Greenhouse surveys are triggered when a candidate has been added to the system
  • Zoho Recruit surveys are triggered when a candidate record has been added or updated

Both the Greenhouse and Zoho Recruit integrations make it easy to specify exactly when a survey should go out. You’ll be able to trigger surveys immediately for in-progress or rejected candidates, and even set a time delay for new employees to evaluate the efficacy of your onboarding process.

For more detailed info on setup, check out our Help Center docs for the Greenhouse integration and Zoho Recruit integration.

BambooHR: Recurring eNPS surveys

Once candidates have been hired, our BambooHR integration automates feedback collection for the rest of the employee lifecycle. 

Send eNPS email surveys when new employees are added in BambooHR to check in on the onboarding experience. From then on, monitor employee sentiment over time at key points in the employee lifecycle.

With a custom Zap, you’ll also be able to sync feedback into BambooHR, so all of your HR data is in one place.

For more details on setting up the BambooHR integration, check out the Help Center guide.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for employee experience program automation

There are countless other moments to trigger Delighted surveys, as well as sync Delighted feedback, all supported by these Zapier-powered integrations. To learn more about the additional capabilities, check out:

New to setting up an employee experience program?

Check out these comprehensive guides on employee engagement and surveying:

Delighted eNPS surveys make it easy to customize employee surveys to precisely your needs. The best part? Survey setup takes minutes, and you’ll be able to do it all yourself. Sign up for a free to start collecting employee feedback today.