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“Before Delighted we were flying blind.”

Bonobos CEO Andy Dunn wants his company to be “the most loved clothing company of all time.”

That’s a lofty goal. Historic brands like Banana Republic, J. Crew, and Ralph Lauren have dedicated followings. But Bonobos happily accepts the challenge. Their strategy is to tirelessly gather feedback on both the good and the bad of its clothing, and also what customers love and don’t love about the Bonobos shopping experience.

Bonobos targets working professional males – a demographic that is constantly on the go. Flooding them with lengthy surveys was not working. Bonobos needed a quick and elegant tool to collect that information.

“Delighted is the simplest way that we have of measuring our mission,” says Evan Maridou, senior manager of customer experience.

That means knowing exactly how a customer felt about their Bonobos experience. That means knowing why customers will or will not come back again. That means knowing the likelihood that customers will tell their friends about Bonobos.

“Delighted is the simplest way that we have of measuring our mission.”

Everyone at Bonobos needs a direct line to customers for feedback. “Delighted is allowing the rest of the company to start having conversations every single day,” says Maridou.

“We were undervaluing how important that was.”

Since its founding seven years ago, Bonobos has skyrocketed to be one of the top fashion brands with its fine blend of modern and classic men’s attire.

Like any successful company, Bonobos thrives on data. The number one metric, Net Promoter Score® (NPS), comes from Delighted. Dunn says he’s always had intuitions about what customers enjoy. Now he can measure it.

“The tool itself is more dynamic and iterative than anything I could have envisioned,” says Dunn. “I would never have thought it would be this easy on a day-in, day-out basis.”

“Everyone at Bonobos needs a direct line to customers for feedback.”

Today, customers book one-on-one appointments at a Bonobos Guideshop – found in most major cities – where a personal shopper helps customers find the right sizes, colors, and materials. The company cleverly combines online and offline shopping.

Customers don’t walk out of Guideshops with big bags of clothing. Instead, Bonobos ships the purchase to the customer, arriving the following day. That may seem like an extra step, but it’s especially helpful if that customer is on a break from work, or walking around a big city like New York and doesn’t want to carry around a bunch of bags.


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Delighted delivers granular insights about customers, products, and Guideshops. Dunn and team can compare Delighted scores for the Austin Guideshop against the Chicago location. They can analyze Delighted scores across Bonobos’ shirts, sweaters, or pants. They can also can see how all of it trends from quarter to quarter.

Everyone at Bonobos becomes a stakeholder in their mission to be the most loved clothing company of all time, because everyone at Bonobos has access to metrics that quantify that love.

“I know that due to Delighted, we avoided disaster.”

Bonobos can also track feedback about big changes in its operations. At the beginning of 2014 the company experimented with adding an extra step to the shipping process. They measured the impact with Delighted. They suspected the change would cause a handful of inbound customer questions and perhaps a few grumbles, but Delighted told a different story: customers couldn’t stand the change.

“We were able to literally just watch the scores decline,” Dunn says. “That enabled us to have the confidence to roll back the change. I know that due to Delighted, we avoided disaster.”

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Maridou thinks back to his customer service team (affectionately called “Ninjas”) in the pre-Delighted days. “Ninjas would sit down with different departments and say, ‘Here’s what we’re hearing from our customers,’” he says. “But that was always coming as second-hand information.” What Bonobos really needed was a direct feedback channel, from the customers to the entire company.

“Everyone at Bonobos becomes a stakeholder in their mission to be the most loved clothing company of all time.”

Dunn continues to push Delighted deeper into Bonobos. Merchandising and retail teams should see how they affect customer love in realtime. Delighted’s easy-to-use interface and robust API gives Bonobos that power – slicing data down to each order for all the relevant teams.

“Delighted, I think, has absolutely nailed it in terms of the highest quality user experience, and a set of features that enables you to get to a really granular level in terms of how you build your brand or your company,” Dunn says.

“Before Delighted we were flying blind.”

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