The easiest way to improve customer satisfaction

Gather more nuanced, insightful feedback for your customer support team with Delighted CSAT surveys, and act on all of it through Gladly for a streamlined support experience.

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Why businesses choose a dedicated CSAT software solution over a CRM or Help Desk survey tool

A dedicated CSAT survey solution offers unmatched flexibility for survey customization and distribution. Increase survey response rates and feedback quality with optimized CSAT survey templates, then integrate all of that feedback into your favorite tools to close the loop.

Get more insight

All Delighted surveys are optimized for high response rates and feedback quality. Survey your customers wherever they are — email, web, chat link URLs, and SMS in 37 languages. Trigger surveys after an action of your choosing to capture relevant point-in-time feedback.

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Actionable feedback

Customize your CSAT survey questions for more nuanced feedback. Customers respond in seconds with a balanced 5-point rating scale and open-ended free response form.

Layer in up to 10, fully customizable, additional questions to collect feedback on support speed, agent knowledge, time-to-resolution, and other drivers of customer satisfaction. Identify where your team can improve and start taking action.

Deceptively simple dashboard

Our easy-to-use Dashboard displays instant feedback in your customers’ own words. Compare customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey results across product lines, business units, and customer support agents.

Slice, dice, and manage CSAT feedback to zoom in on the insights that matter most.

Csat feedback dashboard
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Rich CSAT reporting and analytics

Track agent performance over time with a CSAT leaderboard. Analyze open-ended comments to identify the root causes of customer complaints and share that feedback with the team best suited to make improvements.

Works with tools you already use

After a Delighted survey is completed, feedback is automatically added to customer timelines in Gladly, giving agents the context needed to respond accordingly.

Don’t miss a beat. Delighted integrates seamlessly with 750+ tools. Feedback flows seamlessly into the applications your team is familiar with — no IT needed.

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Take action on CSAT results

Collecting customer satisfaction feedback is just the tip of the iceberg. Delighted takes care of the heavy lifting so you can focus your energy on making meaningful improvements.

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Inform decisions

Collect and report on feedback for every step of the customer journey. Route comments directly to your team in seconds.

close the loop

Close the loop

Turn unhappy customers into fans. Act on Delighted feedback in Gladly to close the loop with your customers.

engage promoters

Engage promoters

Automate post-survey follow-up with a custom Thank You message. Encourage brand advocacy and engagement from loyal customers.

You don’t have to take our word for it

Delighted helps some of the world’s most coveted brands gather actionable customer feedback and make customer satisfaction a competitive advantage.