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Send your Delighted NPS survey feedback into Slack channels. View real-time customer responses and immediately take action to resolve issues and further engage satisfied customers. Keep everyone in sync with daily customer health updates.

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How this integration works

Customer responds to Delighted survey

Customer responds to Delighted survey

Delighted feedback shows in Slack channel

Feedback delivered into Slack channel

Feedback in realtime

With survey responses delivered directly into your Slack channel, feedback becomes more visible and actionable than ever before.

Slack integration detractor message

Track your overall score

Delighted can also deliver daily digests into your Slack channel so you are always aware of your score and how the latest feedback has influenced it.

Delighted feedback digest in Slack

About Slack

Slack is a popular application for centralizing a company's communication. Beyond its individual and group messaging, a multitude of features and integrations make Slack a one-stop communication solution for many businesses.

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