Deliver the right question, to the right person, at the right time.

The survey

Every customer has a story to tell, and most of them are happy to share it if you make it easy for them. Traditional surveys are long, ugly, and don’t work well across devices. Delighted surveys are different. Our surveys generate more feedback than traditional surveys by providing a fast and frictionless experience that works everywhere and respects your customers’ time.

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NPS, CSAT, CES, 5-Star, Smileys, and Thumbs

Measure any type of experience at any point along the customer journey. Measure your overall brand, a specific product/service, or interactions with your support team.

1-click survey experience

Delighted surveys can be completed in under a minute on average, maximizing response rates, and limiting future survey fatigue.

Feedback in their own words

Customers provide feedback in their own words, retaining valuable context and emotion that can only come from verbatim feedback.

Higher response rates

Delighted surveys generate up to 10x more feedback than traditional surveys with response rates greater than 30% on average.


Delighted allows you to gather feedback from your customers through the channels you’re already using to talk to your customers. We offer fully optimized survey flows for Email, Web, and SMS, as well as Link survey URLs for offline contexts. Feedback collected across multiple channels is combined into a single, realtime dashboard.

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Our patented email survey allows customers to respond directly from the email. Our email surveys are continuously optimized for effectiveness and compatibility.


Gather feedback directly on your website. Adaptive Sampling ensures a smooth rate of feedback by surveying your customers automatically and at a regular tempo.


Gather feedback from your customers with an experience that is fast and familiar. Smart Scheduling ensures that your SMS surveys are only sent during the day.


Link survey URLs let you gather feedback in unconventional places like printed receipts, within your existing marketing emails, and on social media.


We make it easy to survey your customers at exactly the right moment. Control exactly when you’re customers are surveyed, or leave the details up to us. Surveying with Delighted can be as simple as providing us with a list of emails, avoiding the need for IT resources, or as deep as triggering surveys based on custom events within your system or existing tools.

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No IT required

All you need is a CSV or Excel of customer email addresses and you can start gathering feedback immediately.

Survey automatically with Autopilot

Autopilot lets you automatically survey customers on an ongoing basis. Add your customers, choose a time interval, and Autopilot takes care of the rest.


Use our REST API to send a survey based on events within your system, like an order being shipped, a customer completing a trial, or after a customer service interaction.

Over 350 integrations

Delighted connects seamlessly to your existing tools like Stripe and Shopify, and allows them to trigger surveys automatically without a single line of code.


Properties allow you to attach an unlimited amount of contextual information to each survey. This information can then be used to segment and filter your feedback on your dashboard. Properties can also be used to change certain aspects of your surveys on the fly, allowing you to customize your survey experience for each customer.

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Customer segments

Use properties to create rich customer segments. See feedback and score just for those segments and monitor how sentiment changes over time.

Order information

Retailers who sell a variety of items can use properties to attach information about a specific item a customer purchased and segment feedback around inventory.

Question product name

Use Special Properties to change the product or service you are gathering feedback about on a per customer basis, eliminating the need to craft multiple surveys.

Survey language

Use Special Properties to change the language of your survey to match each customer’s locale instead of sending a separate survey for every language you support.

Appearance and customization

We’ve crafted an end-to-end survey experience that your customers will love, while giving you the tools to make it uniquely yours. The Delighted survey experience is designed to blend seamlessly into your brand, including support for your customers’ native language. We provide you with a few simple, code-free customization options that go a long way.

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All survey customization is done through our easy-to-use editor. No templates or messy code. No technical knowledge required!

Your brand

Add your logo and precise colors to match your brand guidelines. Set up a custom domain for sending, and adjust everything from subject lines to reply-to addresses.

Contextual follow up

Ask custom Additional Questions based on survey responses to gain deeper insight. Customize a Thank You page based on responses to drive appropriate action.

37 languages

Translate your survey into over 37 different languages. Don’t see your language? Let us know and we’ll add it for you in a snap.

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