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Understanding your customers doesn’t need to be complicated. Deliver the right question, to the right person, at the right time with easy-to-use customer survey templates.

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Intuitive customer survey templates for impactful surveys

Choose the metric that works for your needs and begin gathering actionable customer feedback in no time. Start with an initial question, ask the customer to elaborate with an open-ended follow-up, and close the loop with a Thank you page. Enjoy the fast and frictionless experience that works everywhere and keeps customers engaged.

customer survey template NPS surveys

NPS Surveys

Measure brand loyalty and segment customers as promoters, passives, and detractors. Delighted’s NPS software sends surveys that provide the fine-tuned data you need to enhance at scale and increase customer retention.

customer survey template csat surveys

CSAT Surveys

Track and measure customer satisfaction with a product, service, or support interaction. Analyze CSAT survey feedback and collaborate with teams to address areas that need improvement using our customer satisfaction survey software.

customer survey templates CES surveys

CES Surveys

Measure the ease of your customer experience with CES surveys. From purchase through support, a customer’s friction-free experience is essential for their ongoing business.

customer survey template 5-Star surveys

5-Star Surveys

Visually intuitive and fun, 5-Star surveys measure emotion or opinion on a subject on a 5-point rating scale. Create best practice surveys in a simple-to-use template designed for anyone.

customer survey template smileys surveys

Smileys Surveys

Gauge customer sentiment on a 5-point scale with Smileys surveys. Universally recognizable, ask customers to express their level of happiness with a transaction or experience.

customer survey template thumbs survey

Thumbs Surveys

Gather easy-to-understand feedback immediately with Yes or No Thumbs survey questions. Get straightforward responses from the two-option survey for quicker resolution.

enps customer survey template

eNPS Surveys

Start your employee listening journey with effortless eNPS surveys. Resolve high-level employee concerns early and make positive organizational decisions from anonymous verbatim feedback.

product/market fit customer survey template

PMF Surveys

Find out what your customers think about your product with PMF surveys. Apply the insights towards larger business and product strategies to make sure you’re meeting the needs of the market.

The great thing about Delighted is that it allows us to track our customers specifically. Just by one person providing a verbatim comment, we can dive deeper into what went wrong and try to fix issues that cause a larger customer impact.”
– Jessie Reed, Manager of the Social Care and Community Team at Affirm

Gain deeper insight with up to 10 Additional Questions

  • Learn specific context details from your customer in a customized question type: free response, scale, multiple choice with a free text “other” option, and multiple select.
  • Set up conditional survey logic based on how they answer the initial question, and protect against bias with question randomization.
  • Share Additional Questions answers directly in Slack to alert product and service teams of urgent customer concerns.
Deliver & personalize

Send surveys on the right channel at the optimal time

Delighted allows you to gather feedback from your customers through the channels you’re already using to connect with them – making it easy to reach your customer wherever they are. Forget over-surveying by controlling when they receive the survey or automating the timing.

customer survey template multiple sending platforms

Multiple sending platforms

Whether you post your survey link on social media for wide outreach or send the survey directly to your customer’s inbox, we offer fully optimized survey flows for Web, Email, Link, or SDK – capturing attention across the customer journey.

customer survey template survey timing

Optimized survey timing

Control exactly when your customers are surveyed, or leave the details up to us. Sending via email? Autopilot schedules and automates recurring email surveys so you have more time to focus on closing the loop with your survey recipients.

customer survey template Properties

Get granular with Properties

Attach an unlimited amount of contextual information to each survey with Properties. Use this information to segment and filter feedback on your dashboard and personalize the survey experience for each customer.

customer survey template customization

Customize your survey

Designed to blend seamlessly into your brand, utilize a few simple, code-free customization options within our simple web setup experience. Cater to your audience by translating your survey from a selection of 30+ languages. It takes seconds!

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Create meaningful customer experiences by taking action with impactful feedback reporting

Analyze with reporting

With built-in intelligent automation, Smart Trends uses the power of Delighted AI to automatically suggest Keywords and Trends based on your verbatim feedback so you can start acting on feedback faster than before. Use Smart Trends to segment your feedback, or dive into the data manually with our multiple reporting options.

customer survey template reporting
customer survey template surveying page

Take action beyond surveying

Use the unearthed customer trends discovered in your analysis to take action on your findings with cross-team collaboration. With access to dozens of integrations including Slack, Zendesk, and Salesforce, integrate incoming feedback with the tools you already use to expand visibility and route customer concerns or requests to the appropriate teams.

Survey best practices

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