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Automate feedback collection and follow-up for your support team with the Freshdesk integration. Trigger surveys and sync responses back to the customer record to automatically close the loop.

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How this integration works

Freshdesk triggers Delighted survey

Ticket in Freshdesk marked closed, triggering a Delighted survey

logrocket integration step 2

Customized response to feedback automatically sent from Freshdesk

Trigger Freshdesk CSAT surveys to understand service satisfaction

Ask for feedback at precisely the right time – immediately after a ticket has been resolved while the interaction is still fresh on your customers’ minds. Trigger post-support follow-up surveys based on whatever ticket status you choose.

Freshdesk integration

Automatically send customized follow-up messages to your customers based on their feedback

Close the loop on customer feedback in Freshdesk with our Zapier integration. As part of this automation, you’ll be able to fully customize the follow-up message by rating, making sure it's 100% on brand.

Freshdesk integration feedback follow up

About Freshdesk

Freshdesk is the customer service solution of choice for 40,000+ of the world’s largest brands. Freshdesk enables teams to operate more effectively and efficiently by consolidating all customer conversations in one place, automating workflows, and facilitating collaboration across teams to resolve issues faster.

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