Stay on top of post-support followup with Delighted + Freshdesk, Gorgias, Teamwork, and LogRocket. These free integrations make it easier than ever to incorporate real-time customer feedback into your help desk and product experience platform, so all of your customer conversations are in one place.

The Delighted + Freshdesk integration

Add a quick and easy post-support touchpoint to your customer conversations with Delighted + Freshdesk. 

  • Trigger Delighted CSAT and CES surveys based on ticket status to capture customer feedback after an issue has been resolved. 
  • Sync responses right back into Freshdesk for an immediate understanding of customer satisfaction.
  • Automatically send follow-up messages from Freshdesk based on Delighted feedback. Customize the message for detractors, passives, and promoters to stay 100% on brand.

Quick tip: The integration defaults to sending the survey after a 1-day delay, but you can customize when the survey triggers down to the second. Refine your survey timing to get the best possible response rate. Check out more detailed setup information.

Freshdesk is the customer service solution of choice for 40,000+ of the world’s largest brands. Freshdesk enables teams to operate more effectively and efficiently by consolidating all customer conversations in one place, automating workflows, and facilitating collaboration across teams to resolve issues faster. Learn more about Freshdesk.

The Delighted + Gorgias integration 

Automate Delighted surveys for your ecommerce store, so your support team can operate with the added context of customer sentiment. 

  • Trigger a Delighted survey when a ticket is updated.
  • Create a new ticket when a survey response is received.

Specialize for ecommerce support: To hone in on customer service satisfaction, consider using Delighted CSAT or CES surveys, which work really well for identifying how customers feel your support processes can be improved. Head to the Help Center for detailed setup information.

Gorgias is a leading helpdesk for Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce merchants where retailers can manage all of their customer communication and tickets in one platform (email, social media, SMS, phone). It’s powered with machine learning to automate up to 25% of commonly asked questions and seamlessly integrates into your existing tech stack to deliver better customer support. Learn more about Gorgias.

The Delighted + Teamwork Desk integration

Help your support team keep a pulse on how they’re doing with survey feedback in Teamwork Desk.

  • Sync the rating, comment, and customer email into Teamwork sa soon as the Delighted survey is answered.

Easily toggle between historic feedback records for a holistic view. Head to the Help Center for detailed instructions on setting up the integration.

Delighted feedback on teamwork

Teamwork Desk is a ticketing system that streamlines customer query management, saving you time and money while ensuring your team delivers an exceptional customer experience. Learn more about Teamwork Desk.

The Delighted + LogRocket integration

See what interactions led up to a positive or negative web experience with Delighted + LogRocket.

  • Send web surveys in LogRocket sessions
  • Sync the feedback to the LogRocket user profile

Segment by customer sentiment: Use your Delighted survey metric to filter LogRocket data and set up dashboards and reports with LogRocket metrics to keep an eye on which interactions are driving loyalty. Learn more about setting up the LogRocket integration in the Help Center.

Improve your web and product experience by capturing Delighted feedback in LogRocket. Analyze web survey feedback alongside user session and web performance data for a precise understanding of what users like and dislike. Learn more about LogRocket.

Not collecting feedback with Delighted yet? Sign up for our free experience management software, where you can set up any of these free integrations and automate post-support follow-up.