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Encourage your most enthusiastic promoters to refer friends and family directly from the survey Thank you page. Delighted + Friendbuy makes it seamless.

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How this integration works

Customer rates you positively on the Delighted survey

Friendbuy referral link automatically shows on Thank you page

Referral marketing made easy

The Friendbuy referral link is built right into the Delighted survey experience so promoters can easily refer their friends to your company. Conditional logic ensures only your promoters are shown the Friendbuy code.

survey thank you page with friendbuy referral link

About Friendbuy

Friendbuy is reinventing the oldest marketing channel ever known: word-of-mouth. Through Friendbuy’s customer referral platform, growth marketers can easily turn happy customers into brand advocates. With a low cost per acquisition and a high lifetime value, referral marketing is a proven channel for growing your business and enhancing the customer experience.

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