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With tens of thousands of customers using Surveys after our October 2023 launch, we’re incredibly excited to announce a pivotal enhancement to the product: AI Recommended Questions.

As soon as you add at least two questions to your survey, Delighted’s AI Recommended Questions will suggest three other questions for you to consider.

Powered by Qualtrics AI, AI Recommended Questions is the ultimate survey creation assistant. It has been trained on proprietary experience data from the world’s largest database of human sentiment, including the questions that Delighted users, some of the most cutting-edge companies in the world, have been asking their customers for the past 5 years.

When you use AI Recommended Questions, you’re tapping into an incredible source of knowledge and expertise that you can depend on. AI Recommended Questions will not only enable you to create unique surveys, in any language, in minutes, it will also provide the guidance of a seasoned researcher.

“I love that AI Recommended Questions automatically pulls in certain aspects from the other custom questions that aligned with how we’d want to phrase certain questions! It makes the edit/create process easy!”

Ashley Mims, Client Success Coordinator, TechnologyAdvice

Regardless of your level of survey expertise, you’ll be able to create surveys that get to the heart of what customers think and feel, intuit market trends, and anticipate customers’ evolving needs.

Our take on how AI can benefit survey creation

Here’s how Jack Gerli, Delighted’s Product Manager, explains the opportunity for AI enhancement on our survey creation flow:

“Currently, our Surveys product offers recommended questions and full survey templates for popular use cases. As helpful as static questions and surveys are, we realize that there is still plenty of whitespace out there. Each business is unique and has customers with highly specific needs.

With AI Recommended Questions, we take the traditional templates experience and personalize it by leaning on AI to generate a list of context-aware questions for each survey that’s built. 

Our intent with AI is not just to accelerate you through question creation flow, but to level-up the questions you’re asking. This feature is like having an expert by your side, who is well-versed in both your use case and the survey space.”

Jack Gerli, Product Manager, Delighted

Now, more than ever, it’s critical to make every question count

Since 2021, the share of consumers providing feedback directly to the companies they buy from following a very bad experience has fallen by 7.2 percentage points, so organizations need to be smart about gathering feedback where customers are giving it and taking action to address it,” according to Qualtrics’ Global Study: Consumer Feedback Channels, 2024.

While AI Recommended Questions will help you create surveys quickly, its true value is in its intelligence, as it suggests the best questions for the data you’re after.

“I customized Delighted’s templated churn survey with AI Recommended Questions. It was SO easy, I had a new survey built out within 1 minute! Each time the AI shared recommendations, all three were great ideas – I ended up adding two of them to my survey. This is a really cool functionality that makes me feel super confident about the survey I’ve created.”

Sophia Krich-Brinton, Customer Success, Streamline AI

By asking the right questions, phrased effectively, through AI Recommended Questions, you’ll get:

  • A personalized, more relevant survey creation experience that doesn’t require you to dig through a template library for the one that might fit your use case
  • Higher survey completion rates for more feedback
  • In-depth, localized surveys: AI Recommended Questions picks up on the language of your first two questions, and makes all of its suggestions in that same language
  • Deeper, more actionable insights on your customers’ preferences, habits, and interests so you can better align your products and services to their needs

Two ways to start using AI Recommended Questions

1. Completely from scratch

Enter two questions in any language into the survey builder, and AI Recommended Questions will suggest three other questions for you to consider, with more suggestions as you input more questions.

The more questions that exist on a survey, the better the model can recommend a follow-up question.

Delighted AI Recommended Questions feature

It will instill confidence and inspire creativity in the survey creation process, helping you think of angles you hadn’t considered asking about before for more actionable feedback.

2. As an enhancement to our ready-to-use templates on Surveys

We recently added a full library of expert-vetted questionnaires for every stage of the customer and employee lifecycle to our survey builder. You can edit any of these templates to suit your specific use case. Check it out here.

Once you save any two questions to the survey you’re drafting, AI Recommended Questions will get to work.

In this V1, AI Recommended Questions will only suggest the question – not the answer format – yet. We look forward to seeing how you use AI Recommended Questions.

Create your survey with AI Recommended Questions today – for free.

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