Creating Surveys

Create impactful customer, employee, and product surveys with step-by-step survey question guides and best practice design tips. Also, get the latest scoop on Delighted’s free survey templates and how to add them to your toolkit.

Survey design blog post featured image
Survey design best practices: 7 steps to follow
How to make the most of a free survey program: 4 tips to know
close-ended questions blog post feature image
Close-ended questions: Definition, types, examples, and advantages   
likert scale featured image
What’s a Likert scale and how can you use it to better understand your audience?
biased questions examples bad survey questions featured image
Avoiding biased questions: 7 examples of bad survey questions
Learn about leading questions, types, and examples
Leading questions: Definition, examples, and why you should avoid them
What's the difference between qualitative vs quantitative research?
Qualitative vs. quantitative research: What’s the difference?
Employee satisfaction survey questions: 15 examples, plus how to get started
custom sending domain
Introducing Custom Sending Domains: Make your email “from” address your own domain
double-barreled questions featured image
Double-barreled question: Definition, examples, and how to avoid it 
delighted survey translations
Introducing Survey Translations: Create multilingual surveys for global customer and employee feedback
Keys to skimmable surveys
The 5 keys to skimmable surveys for improved feedback
acquiescence bias strategies featured image
4 strategies to prevent acquiescence bias in your customer surveys
csat 3 ces 7 featured image
2 new survey types: 3-point CSAT surveys and 7-point CES surveys