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“Receiving the NPS comments and score from Delighted is critical to our business.”

Anyone who has made an online purchase has likely had a return experience they’re not excited to repeat. In fact, a 2017 return experience study showed that 85% of online shoppers are more likely to shop with retailers who make returns easy, while 90% of online shoppers will quit retailers if making a return is difficult.

Happy Returns has made it their mission to overhaul that experience, and transform online returns from a hurdle into a competitive differentiator. “When you call your company Happy Returns, it’s obviously important to make sure your customers are having a great experience,” says Cassie Layton, Head of Marketing at Happy Returns. “Beyond that, we’re obsessed with creating a return experience that’s fundamentally better than what has come before us, both for retailers as well as end customers.”

Delighted performs the critical function of measuring that customer experience, enabling Happy Returns to keep pace with the influx of customer experience feedback while growing more than 500% in 2018. Real-time feedback from Delighted’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys track customer satisfaction and get the additional insights necessary for ongoing improvement.

“The NPS program is the most immediate and comprehensive ‘eyes and ears’ we have for understanding customer satisfaction.”

Happy Returns lowers the barrier to trying a new brand by creating a painless return and exchange process. That means no need to print out a shipping label, no re-packaging, no shipping costs, and an immediate refund. Customers simply visit a conveniently located Return Bar® and then return their item, box-free. Returnistas® process a refund for the customer in less than 60 seconds.

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Ensuring a stellar return experience across the board is no small feat, especially when growing from 50 Return Bar locations in 2017 to 300 locations over the course of one year. With an industry-leading NPS of 95 and a survey response rate of 33%, Happy Returns is obviously doing something right.

“The NPS program is the most immediate and comprehensive ‘eyes and ears’ we have for understanding customer satisfaction,” says Layton. For each new retailer and Return Bar location, the NPS surveys perform the crucial job of providing immediate, real-time feedback to the Happy Returns team. “Without Delighted surveys, we would have no way to perform this critical function as quickly and completely.”

The entire organization is steeped in a constant livestream of feedback. NPS scores and comments are reviewed daily by the customer service team, read aloud at team meetings, integrated into Slack, and also shared with Returnistas at Return Bars.

All of that feedback shapes the product roadmap, influences Return Bar locations and signage so that they’re easy to find, and informs how Returnistas are trained to process returns. The systematic integration of customer feedback across the organization ensures the customer-facing experience is as smooth as possible.

“Insights from Delighted have helped us confirm the fundamental value proposition of Happy Returns.”

In addition to a better returns experience for shoppers, both the retailers and Return Bar locations benefit from Happy Returns. Retailers lower the barrier to trying products as returns are easy if a purchase doesn’t work out. Happy Returns manages the reverse logistics for returns, lowering a retailer’s costs through aggregation and smart routing. Return Bar operators benefit from a steady stream of new traffic to stores.

“At the highest level, insights from Delighted have helped us confirm the fundamental value proposition of Happy Returns, which is that by providing a superior return experience, it’s possible to significantly increase your customers’ happiness, which leads to greater loyalty and conversions,” says Layton.

Customer success managers use Delighted to showcase common themes in the feedback to retail partners to demonstrate customer value. “When the retailers read through comments from customers and see ‘This is so easy, this is so convenient, why don’t more people do this,’ it’s so validating of our value proposition,” says Birdie Bartholomew, Manager of Retail Partnerships.

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Finally, scores and feedback are also included in Happy Returns’ investor presentations as a proof point of the underlying value of the company. As their customer experience program grows, the team will continue to help their retailers tie NPS scores on the return experience to increased customer retention and customer lifetime value.

“It’s been Delighted from day one,” says Andre Julien, Senior Manager of Operations. The strong integrations, outstanding survey experience, and quick Customer Concierge response times make Delighted a “no-brainer” for Happy Returns.

“It would be like flying blind without knowing each customer’s experience. Receiving the NPS comments and score from Delighted is critical to our business.”

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