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Delighted sat down with Verishop’s Director of Customer Services, Jules Duarte, to learn how he connects the dots across the customer journey and uses feedback to get to the root cause of problems.

Tell us about Verishop.

We’re an ecommerce marketplace for curated men’s and women’s fashion, home decor, and beauty brands. We seek out up-and-coming companies and designers—or what we call “indie” brands—in order to offer our customers unique and high-quality products.

Verishop is short for “verified shop.” As such, we stand by the products and the quality of everything that we sell and do (including our dedication to fast shipping, free returns and price matching). It sets us apart.

What is your role at Verishop?

I’m the Director of Customer Services at Verishop. The main focus of my role is to avidly and proactively listen to our customers, so I can share feedback and connect all the different departments that touch the customer experience for continuous improvement.

I work closely with the operations and logistics team, vendor partnerships team, technology team, and marketing team to make sure that, over the customer experience journey, we’re hitting all the right targets, that there are no bottlenecks, and to ensure we’re always striving for a frictionless experience.

As we continue to grow and expand, I’m always sharing the feedback that we get from our customers—via Delighted and through our customer contacts—to the rest of the company so we can constantly improve the customer experience.

Tell us more about your customer experience team.

We’re a small but mighty team of 11 people. The team consists of one CX Manager, two team leads who directly support the specialist’s team—and they do it all, 24/7, rain or shine, we’re always here for our customers!

If a chat comes in, a customer support specialist picks up the chat. If a call comes in, they pick up the phone. Same for email, and so on. We’re a small team so everyone pitches in.

“I'm always sharing the feedback that we get from our customers to the rest of the company so we can constantly improve the customer experience.”

What role does feedback play at Verishop? What does Delighted enable your team to accomplish?

Verishop is a very customer-centric company, so we live off Delighted. We use it to see what we’re doing well, the areas where we can improve, as well as to identify any trends. During weekly team meetings, I share the results that we get from Delighted’s NPS software and customer satisfaction software with our leadership team.

We also have Delighted integrated with Slack—so whether it’s an operational issue or something that we’re doing really well—all the heads of departments can view the detractor, passive, and promoter information right in that Slack channel. Our CEO reads every single comment that comes through.

Recently, thanks to Delighted, we were able to identify an issue where a product did not match the description on the website. So I took that feedback, shared it with the team, and then we were able to quickly address it. This is a key component of our business; we immediately investigate ‘root-cause’ issues to ensure they do not happen again in the future.

Tell us about how your Delighted program is set up.

We currently use Delighted NPS and CSAT surveys through email distribution. Especially during these uncertain times, it’s been so important to get that on-the-spot, rapid feedback.

We initially sent our CSAT surveys out 24 hours after every customer support interaction, but we’ve changed the survey send time now that we’re working with a variety of different vendors with various fulfillment times. Now, CSAT surveys get triggered 48 hours after a support interaction because that’s the average time it takes for us to close a ticket.

For NPS surveys, we send those to customers 10 days from the confirmed fulfillment time in Shopify. It used to be seven days, but since we operate with varying fulfillment times for different brands, 10 days made the most sense for us.

How do you measure the success of your customer experience program?

My team and I have a goal of averaging a CSAT score of 88 and a score in the 70s for NPS, monthly. Our biggest markers of success are that we always have more promoters than detractors and that we’re resolving all customer issues within 24 to 48 hours maximum.

Also, I love the fact that for both CSAT and NPS, you can view the scores over time as well as see the difference (whether it’s up or down) month over month. Delighted reporting makes the data super easy to use and to share with my management team.

“Especially during these uncertain times, it's been so important to get that on-the-spot, rapid feedback.”

What advice would you give to someone starting an experience management program?

Take the feedback and use it. Don’t send a survey for the sake of sending it.

When you ask for customer feedback, it can be difficult to read negative comments about your operation, team, or products. But, if you’re not going to do anything with that feedback, what’s the point of asking people? Use the insights you’ve gathered to get to the root cause of the issue.

Also, I recommend always getting back to all of your customers. If our customers send us detractors, we immediately send a message back. We apologize and ask what we can do to fix or make the issue better. It’s a learning opportunity for us.

Would you recommend Delighted? Why?

Yes, I would. First, Delighted is reliable and easy to use. The metrics and reporting are easy to set up, use and share. Also, the platform integration is a breeze. Second, the Delighted customer service team is awesome! They’re always so helpful and always keen to receive feedback.

I also love the advice Delighted shares in its newsletters. I find the information about new features and industry trends really cool and very beneficial. Sometimes the insights are purely informational and then sometimes I literally change the way that we do things based on those findings and reports.

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