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Shopify surveys for post-purchase feedback

Automatically send Shopify NPS surveys to your customers with the Delighted integration.

Improve conversion rates and customer satisfaction by creating an unbeatable online store experience – informed by customer feedback.

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Every second, 45 people answer a Delighted customer survey
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Delighted powers 300+ million surveys a year for some of the world's most beloved brands

Free to install: The Shopify survey integration is included in the Delighted Free plan. Add post-purchase surveys to your Shopify store for free today.

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How to send Shopify post-purchase surveys

Collect and act on product and service feedback in 4 easy steps with our Shopify post-purchase survey app.


Install the Delighted Shopify App

Add the Delighted integration in the Shopify App store. Automate post-purchase surveys – no manual email list uploads necessary.

To start getting feedback immediately, use a one-time backfill to survey recent customers.


Customize your Shopify survey

Use your logo, match your brand colors, send from your own domain, and add additional multiple choice questions to your NPS survey – all in Delighted.

Interested in other customer survey templates? You can also use Delighted to send star ratings surveys, smiley face surveys, and customer satisfaction surveys.

Our embedded email surveys are mobile-optimized so it’s easy to respond.

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Set your survey timing

Timing is key for high response rates. Send surveys immediately after order fulfillment or set a custom delay.

Experiment with timing directly in Delighted to find out what works best for you.

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Act on customer feedback

The integration syncs customer order information to your survey responses for easy analysis and action planning.

Improve customer satisfaction with built-in reports and workflows for taking action.

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Data Exchange

How the Shopify survey app integration works

For the complete list of data synced from Shopify to Delighted, view our documentation.

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Shopify data
Order fulfillment
Order information

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Delighted action
Delighted sends survey
Delighted stores feedback with order information*

*To comply with data retention regulations, you have the ability to configure how long you want to store data and responses before deleting or anonymizing the data within the Delighted platform.

Delighted also supports GDPR webhooks via Shopify. This includes support for (1) A customer’s request to have their data deleted and (2) A store’s request to have their information deleted, e.g. if they closed their store.

Shopify Store Surveys

Add feedback forms to your Shopify store with Delighted

On top of the Shopify integration, many of our Shopify users also leverage our website feedback tool to show survey forms across their online store.

Collect valuable insights on the quality of your site experience

Improve conversion rates at every step of the customer journey with feedback forms that trigger based on interactions with your site.

  • Understand the quality of your browsing experience
    See if shoppers can easily find what they’re looking for.
  • Collect leads
    Add survey questions to ask for name and email to collect leads or follow up on feedback.
  • Dig deep on shopping cart abandonment
    Ask why customers ditch their shopping cart so you can improve conversion rates.
  • Improve ease of payment
    Ensure you don’t lose customers due to a clunky checkout process with checkout page surveys.
  • Ask about the overall site experience
    Ask how much customers liked shopping with you and what you can do better on your order status page.

See just how easy it is to collect website feedback with Delighted

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Need some inspiration? Check out these guides for setting up impactful Shopify surveys

Get industry best practices and the latest trends on using feedback to improve your retail experience.

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Delighted makes NPS so easy to set up, so easy to understand, and most importantly, so easy to act on. The Shopify + Delighted integration allows us to hear feedback in a swift turnaround time, so everyone understands what our most loyal and passionate customers love about FIGS.”
Michael Bair, SVP of Customer Experience at FIGS
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Shopify: Ecommerce made easy

Shopify is an ecommerce platform that makes setting up shop incredibly simple. No matter where you sell – in a store, online, or even through social media – Shopify provides all the functionality you need to establish and grow your business. Improve your Shopify store experience with free post-purchase surveys from Delighted.

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