Cotopaxi: A master class in ecommerce customer experience excellence

Cotopaxi, a certified B Corporation outdoor brand, consistently averages an 80+ NPS, putting them in the 100th percentile in their industry. But they’re not stopping there.

Director of CX Ren Barrus and Customer Success Manager Jacob Baldree give us an insider look at how they’ve enabled such success, and where they plan to take their experience management program from here.

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What's covered

  • How to build your CX program out around the 5 elements of CX maturity: Strategizing, surveying, actioning, reporting, sharing
  • How to expand your customer experience program to multiple touchpoints by mapping out your customer journey
  • How you can structure your company to put people at the heart of your organization
  • How to build out Voice of the Customer reporting specific to different teams (Marketing, Product, Customer Service) using Delighted Trends
  • How to drive impact and action with customer feedback

Featured Speakers

Ren Barrus

Director of CX at Cotopaxi

Ren Barrus is the Director of CX at Cotopaxi. He believes in putting his team first and foremost, which allows them to bring their best selves to work. It’s those folks who are providing exceptional CX, and it’s the customer who ultimately benefits. This was Ren’s first office job of his career, having spent the previous 7 years as an Outdoor Educator. It was from this background where Ren learned the crucial importance of building up individuals and teams alike.

Jacob Baldree

Customer Success Manager at Cotopaxi

Jake Baldree is a Customer Success Manager for Cotopaxi, he is a strategic leader who works with a sense of urgency, fosters an inclusive culture and is customer obsessed. Prior to Cotopaxi, Jake helped facilitate a customer orientation program for Sundance Mountain Resort. Jake studied Geospatial Intelligence and French at Brigham Young University.

Ellie Peterson

Customer Concierge at Delighted

Ellie Peterson is a Customer Concierge at Delighted, helping customers big and small become Delighted experts and get the most out of their Delighted programs. Ellie joined Delighted after working at Qualtrics in customer support and global operations. Ellie studied Industrial Engineering and Technical Communication at Georgia Tech.

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