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How The Grommet uses turnkey CX & analytics solutions to stay on top

More than ever, the insights you gather from customer feedback are vital to running your business.

Just ask The Grommet, an online marketplace for makers and small businesses that uses Delighted + Chatdesk to easily capture, analyze, and act on customer feedback.

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Every second, 45 people answer a Delighted survey


Delighted powers 300+ million surveys a year


What's covered in this webinar

  • How to use Delighted to collect customer feedback and monitor the customer experience
  • How to save time on reporting by using the free Chatdesk dashboard to analyze Delighted surveys alongside email, social, and more
  • How to drive impact by identifying actions for cross-functional teams, such as Marketing and Fulfillment, and closing the loop with your customers

Featured Speakers

Jorge M. Pimentel

Customer Experience Manager at The Grommet

Jorge Pimentel is a Customer Experience Manager at The Grommet, focused on growing and empowering customer experience teams to retain and ensure high customer satisfaction with every Grommet customer. Jorge has over 10 years of experience working with customer support teams of all sizes in many industries including e-commerce, technology and health sectors.

Ellie Peterson

Customer Concierge at Delighted

Ellie Peterson is a Customer Concierge at Delighted, helping customers big and small become Delighted experts and get the most out of their Delighted programs. Ellie joined Delighted after working at Qualtrics in customer support and global operations. Ellie studied Industrial Engineering and Technical Communication at Georgia Tech.

Elise Luc

Customer Success Manager at Chatdesk

Elise Luc is a Customer Success Manager at Chatdesk, focusing on ecommerce brands. She works with leading companies to help them enhance their customer experience, drive service to sales and scale efficiently. Prior to joining Chatdesk, Elise held leadership and software engineering roles at Wells Fargo. Elise studied Economics and Computer Science at Berkeley.

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