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Test out Delighted’s newest survey platform: Android SDK

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The wait is nearly over: Delighted will be offering beta testing for our Android SDK survey platform.

Complementing our iOS SDK platform, the Android SDK enables your team to create seamless in-app surveys.

Soon, your Android mobile users will be able to provide valuable real-time feedback as they’re using your app.

Sign up for the beta waitlist to try out the newest survey platform before everyone else.

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About the Beta

How to navigate the Android SDK Beta

As a participant in the beta program, you get early access to the Android SDK platform. To do so, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1. Sign up to be a beta tester and get your development tools ready – we’ll send you a developer’s guide once the beta is live.
Step 2. Implement the Delighted SDK in your own App using the instructions we will provide.
Step 3. Send us any feedback on your experience to improve the platform.

Note that we may use your feedback in a testimonial, but don’t worry – we’ll run it by you before publishing.

About Android SDK

Android SDK: Create and deliver seamless in-app surveys for Android users

Much like our iOS SDK, the Android counterpart takes all the best parts of our existing SDK platform and makes them accessible for Android users. Collecting mobile app feedback has never been easier!

SDK survey iOS

Code-free customization

Customize your surveys by selecting a brand color, survey placement, and more – all without touching the code.

Multiple survey types

Create in-app surveys with a multitude of survey options: from Net Promoter Score surveys to Thumbs – we have a wide breadth of survey methods to choose from.

Add Additional Questions

Looking for verbatim feedback from customers? Ask up to 10 customized follow-up questions to determine customer sentiment in a single survey flow.

Have questions about Android SDK?

Send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.