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The end of the quarter – and especially the end of the year – is always a time for reflection and planning. As we approach 2023, the Delighted team is busy thinking forward: what projects do we want to tackle, what is our big focus, and what improvements do we want to make to our customer and employee experience programs?

We have a feeling you’re thinking about those things, too – so let’s think about them together!

Announcing: The Delighted Community, a forum where you’ll connect with other users and learn to make the most of your Delighted account.

What is the Delighted Community?

The Delighted Community is a dedicated Slack workspace for Delighted users. The goal is to provide a space for you to:

  • Learn best practices from Delighted users and experts
  • Network with other experience management professionals
  • Get ideas about how to use Delighted and structure your survey program
  • Be a part of our go-to group for new feature previews and beta testing
  • Collaborate with Delighted product team members to share feedback and influence our product roadmap

Keep in mind: the Community is not a place for support questions. We’ve got you covered with our amazing Help Center and Concierge team for questions about how Delighted works and for troubleshooting your account. Instead, this is a place for strategic questions, for program planning, and for big ideas!

How can I join the Community?

Because we’re reserving this space for Delighted users, you just need to fill out a super quick application to join. Head to our Community signup page and enter your email address, we’ll confirm that you’re a Delighted customer, and then send you a note with a link to join. You’ll be able to log in with an existing Slack account, or create a new one.

Delighted users are amazing, and we can’t wait to connect you all with each other. The Community is a space for YOU, and we can’t wait to see what you make of it!

Head here to join the Delighted Community today.