Experience Management 101

Get back to basics with educational guides and tips on perfecting experiences across customer and employee lifecycles. Learn how to improve your product-market fit, increase customer retention, boost employee satisfaction, and so much more!

customer churn featured image
What is customer churn? How to measure and reduce it 
customer loyalty guide
Customer loyalty: A guide to building and measuring positive experiences 
q2 2022 product updates recap featured
Delighted Q2 2022 product recap
Omnichannel retail trends image
What is omnichannel retail? A guide to the latest trends in omnichannel customer experience
Calculate customer lifetime value formula in our latest guide
Customer lifetime value formula: Easy ways to calculate it
Startups' top 3 challenges
Startups’ top priority in 2022: Nailing the customer experience
Read the customer self-service guide
Customer self-service: Set your team up for success
What is product development
What is product development and how to master each stage
Introducing Delighted Admin Certification: A free course for CX program management
Product positioning featured image
Product positioning: 5 straightforward tips for improving your strategy
customer experience maturity featured image
Customer experience maturity: The 5 pillars to know when evaluating your program
post-pandemic store experience featured image
How has the in-store experience changed in a post-pandemic world?
employee lifecycle featured image
Get to know the employee lifecycle: The 7 stages and why they matter
Customer experience management guide featured image
Your step-by-step 2022 guide to Customer Experience Management (CXM)