We started Delighted to help businesses deliver great experiences by listening to their customers and using those insights to improve. A critical element to delivering on our mission is ensuring we provide world-class experiences on every platform, so our customers can connect with their customers at the right place and time.

Today, we are excited to launch a brand new way to gather feedback with Delighted – directly in your apps with our native mobile SDK for iOS. Now, you’ll be able to understand your iOS app users like never before.

iOS SDK survey

Delighted’s SDK makes it easy to gather feedback of all types – NPS, CSAT, 5-star, CES, Smileys, and Thumbs – right in your iOS app. Our SDK is fully native with support for Swift and Objective-C, providing broad compatibility and a fully native, liquid smooth interface.

The SDK also fully supports our Additional Questions capability, so you can start with a simple 5-star pulse, but go deeper with a few additional questions to learn more from your users.

You can gather feedback from your anonymous app users as well as signed-in customers. Let Delighted handle who gets surveyed with our built-in adaptive sampling capability, or decide exactly when you want to present a survey with full developer controls.

What’s more, the iOS SDK can be configured with minimal engineering support. Customize the questions, colors, and presentation style all from your Delighted account.

We can’t wait to see how customers integrate the Delighted iOS SDK into their own apps to gather feedback about a recent delivery experience, a movie they just watched, or a purchase they just made.

Learn more about how you can start integrating Delighted’s mobile SDK into your app in our Help Center.

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