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You can write the perfect survey questions, but the real key to capturing feedback is targeting the right customers at the right time. For years, the Delighted SDK has allowed you to do just that by displaying surveys within your iOS apps, but today, we’re taking it up a notch. Introducing: the Delighted Android SDK.

Understand your mobile app users at all stages of the customer journey, whether it’s the first time they log in, after they make an in-app purchase, or every three months, just to check in.

android sdk survey interface

Delighted’s SDK makes it super simple to blend surveys seamlessly into your app experience, collecting feedback in a way that feels more like an extension of your app rather than an interruption. 

You’ll unlock a degree of contextual feedback that is miles beyond what would historically be possible with traditional email surveys – meeting customers in your app, where they’re most likely to be interacting with your brand on a regular basis.

Display any of the Delighted CX survey types, NPS, CSAT, CES, 5-star, Smileys, Thumbs, PMF, and eNPS, right in your iOS and Android apps. The SDKs were designed with a fully native, liquid-smooth interface to feel like part of your app.

What’s more, the SDK supports our Additional Questions, so you can go beyond the initial CX metric to capture key drivers, response context, or further details from your users.

Survey anonymous app users or signed-in customers, with the ability to capture respondent information that makes analyzing your feedback a breeze. Let Delighted handle the survey cadence with our adaptive sampling, or take the reigns with full developer controls.

The best part: the Delighted SDK can be configured with minimal engineering support. Once the SDK is installed in your app, any adjustments to your questions, colors, or display cadence can be made in the Delighted platform, without developer assistance.

We hope to see the Delighted SDK in apps of all kinds. Learn more about the iOS and Android SDKs on our Help Center.

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