9 easy steps to get the feedback you need with free customer and employee surveys

Strategizing for positive customer and employee experiences doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. The Delighted platform is built to help you craft and send free customer surveys and free anonymous employee surveys while giving you the tools to act quickly on insights.

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Create your survey

1. Select a survey template

Measure customer and employee happiness and gather data on how your team, service, product, and brand are doing at scale. Choose one of the 8 survey templates – NPS, eNPS, CSAT, CES, PMF, 5-star, Smileys, and Thumbs – to begin gathering feedback and see how easy it is to capture sentiment across the customer/employee journey.

2. Choose your platform

Do you want to send your survey via email? Or include a survey on your company website? Decide one of the four delivery channels – Web, Email, Link, or SDK – that works best for you and reach your audience wherever they are.

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3. Invite team members

Select three team members as users to your Delighted account. Enter their email address, specify their permissions, and send their invite in just a few simple steps. Learn more about user accounts in our Help Center.

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Send & Customize

4. Survey 1,000 people

Capture feedback across your customer and employee base by sending your free survey to 1,000 people per month. Sending via email? Autopilot schedules and automates recurring email surveys so you have more time to focus on closing the loop with your survey recipients.

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5. Customize to your brand

Get creative with our simple web setup experience, no technical skills required. Upload your company logo and colors to match your brand style guide.

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6. Translate your survey

On your survey customization page, choose from 30+ languages to cater to your survey audience, wherever they are around the globe.

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Analyze & Act
free customer survey reporting

7. Discover with reporting

In your free Delighted platform, you can discover key feedback commonalities and spot signs of unhappy customers and employee issues ahead of time with 5 Trends filters. Then, start action planning with our survey reporting and analysis tools and watch your progress over time within 4 pre-built reports: Dashboard, Over time, Metrics, and Snapshot.

8. Notify your team

Close the loop with your audience quicker than ever before by setting up 3 Alerts. Alerts will automatically route key feedback responses to specific teams, such as your service team or HR team, so every customer and employee is heard.

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9. Integrate with your systems

Channel the responses from your free survey back into your systems for instant strategizing, whether that’s in Slack, Shopify, or Zendesk – see our growing list of free integrations to explore the possibilities.

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Get started

Start your free plan today

Now that you know how to utilize your free plan, let’s get you set up.

1. Sign up for an account. Just enter an email and password. It takes seconds!

2. Customize and send your first survey. We recommend sending it to yourself or a colleague so your team can experience the survey firsthand

3. Click on “Choose a plan” at the top of your screen and select the $0/month plan

4. Enter your credit card information (Don’t worry, it’s only for security purposes. Unless you choose a paid plan, your card will never be charged!)

Or, continue your trial and experience all that Delighted has to offer for the next 7 days.

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