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Imagine a scenario: You’re tasked with setting up a customer experience (CX) program for your company, with the goal of…well, with the goal of improving customer experience. Your organization has never run a program like this before, and you’re not sure what to focus on, or what management of a program like this entails.

Or a similar scenario: Your predecessor stood up a CX program, and you’re now tasked with picking it up and managing it in their stead. The catch? They left very little documentation about how the program is being run, or what needs to be done to keep it running.

Or a third scenario: You’ve got a pretty good idea of your goals and what you want to accomplish with your CX program, but you’re a Delighted newbie. You don’t know how your program outline will translate to implementation within the platform.

Delighted’s goal has always been to make gathering customer feedback fast and easy, and this means enabling you to run your program effectively and efficiently. There’s no one more important in making this happen than the program Admin. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce Delighted Admin Certification, a free learning course and exam designed to help Admin users learn everything they need to know about running their CX programs on Delighted. 

BONUS: When you pass, you’ll also receive a personalized certificate and badge to show off your Admin knowledge to the world (or maybe just your LinkedIn connections).

What is covered in our Admin Certification course?

This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know to act as an Admin of your Delighted program. It builds on top of the foundational skills covered in Delighted Core Certification to take your knowledge to the next level.

Admin Certification consists of eight modules (video and written content), eight practice quizzes, and an exam. The modules walk through the key responsibilities of an Admin: user and project management, security, data analysis and reporting, and program integration and automation.

  • Module 1: Managing users is all about the different user types. What are the differences, and what type is best for each of your program stakeholders? How can you add, edit, and delete users in your account?
  • Module 2: Allocating projects covers project creation and delegation, including creating projects and sharing them with the users tasked with running them.
  • Module 3: Addressing security runs through all of the Delighted account security options, so you can be prepared to answer security questions from your team and safeguard your data.
  • Module 4: Understanding plan limits and billing is all about getting the most bang for your buck. What is included in your plan, and how can you monitor usage? How can you make changes to your plan, or adjust receipts for your finance team?
  • Module 5: Analyzing and segmenting feedback walks through our Dashboard analysis features, with a focus on Trends and Tags. We’ll also talk about how to interpret your results and understand if you have a good score.
  • Module 6: Reporting on and editing feedback covers all of the Delighted reporting options, as well as how to make any necessary adjustments to your feedback. We also cover sharing your feedback through Testimonials and exporting your data.
  • Module 7: Investigating people and platform metrics will help you dig into any questions about deliverability, response rates, and overall program engagement. We’ll discuss how to manage your respondents, and how to navigate the all-knowing Response History page.
  • Module 8: Integrating and automating Delighted is the no-technical-knowledge required introduction to connecting Delighted to external platforms. You’ll learn the automation options available, as well as how you can integrate your feedback into your current tech stack.

Quizzes after each module help you test your knowledge and ensure you’re getting all of the key takeaways. The module content is available at any time in our Help Center.

How does the Admin Certification Exam work?

The Admin Certification exam is a 50-question test administered via a Qualtrics survey. The questions come from all of the modules (you might recognize them from the quizzes, too!), and an 85% score is required to pass. 

If you get that 85%, awesome! You’ll get a badge you can copy and share on social media, and we’ll also send you a custom certificate with your name to celebrate your achievement.

If you don’t pass, no worries—you can retake the test at any time. Either way, you’ll be shown what you got right and what you got wrong upon submission, because our main goal is that you’re able to learn and apply your new Delighted knowledge to your program.

Are there other levels of Certification?

Yes! Currently, we also offer Core Certification, which is a foundational course designed to teach you all of the basics of the Delighted platform. In less than two hours, you’ll be a Delighted expert! It’s useful for Standard and Admin users, and you can access it on our Help Center.

Ready to get started?

You can access Delighted Admin Certification on our Help Center under “Training and Tutorials.” You can also save the direct link to the course.

Because we’re so excited to share this course with you, we’ll send a Delighted t-shirt to the first 20 people who complete it! We’ll reach out to you once you pass to handle all of the nitty-gritty shipping details.

Before you know it, you’ll be mastering CX program management while rocking your new Delighted Admin Certification swag. Get started today!