Delighted’s goal has always been to be the fastest and easiest way to gather customer feedback, which depends on us enabling you, our customers, to do everything yourselves. That way, you can get it done fast, and get it done right. But as Delighted has evolved, our feature set has exploded (did you catch that we’ve released three new survey types in the past three weeks??). There’s more to Delighted than meets the eye.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our brand new Delighted Core Certification program: a free learning course and exam that takes you through all of the ins and outs of Delighted so you can become your organization’s CX rockstar. You’ll also get a badge to share that validates your customer experience management expertise (within your company, the CX community, and the world!).

The Core Certification course includes six modules, six quizzes, a hands-on activity, and a final exam. Each module includes video and written content to introduce you to the key concepts you need to take advantage of all that Delighted has to offer. In all, completing Core Certification should take about two hours.

What is covered in our Core Certification course?

We created this course to give you a structured way to learn about Delighted and help you feel more confident when setting up your program. We also wanted to provide a way to show off your Delighted skills to others, as a great addition to your resume or LinkedIn profile.

The six modules included in Core Certification are based on the trainings we use internally to teach Delighted employees how to use Delighted! They were designed to walk you through the process of building a Delighted program, from setting up your first survey to analyzing the feedback.

  • Module 1: All About Getting Help covers the self-serve and support resources that Delighted offers, including how to navigate our Help Center and use our smart help Beacon.
  • Module 2: All About Creating Surveys walks you through the project creation process, including choosing a survey type and distribution platform. After this module, you’ll be able to create survey projects like a pro!
  • Hands-on activity: Put what you learned in Module 2 into practice by setting up your first survey project in your Delighted account.
  • Module 3: All About Dashboards digs into the end goal of sending surveys: analyzing your data! We’ll show you around the Dashboard and explain how to view your data and take advantage of our reporting and analytics tools.
  • Module 4: All About Distribution Platforms explains the six Delighted distribution platforms, like email, web, and SMS, including how to set them up and send using each.
  • Module 5: All About Survey Customization demonstrates all of the customization options to take your Delighted surveys to the next level, including the survey’s look and feel, Additional Questions, and Thank you pages.
  • Module 6: All About Properties takes your learning up a notch by covering how to capture properties—or unique bits of information that can be used to filter and segment your response data—based on which distribution platform you’re using.

Quizzes after each module help you test your knowledge and ensure you’re getting all of the key takeaways. The module content is available at any time in our Help Center.

How does the Core Certification Exam work?

The Core Certification exam is a 50-question test administered via a Qualtrics survey. The questions come from all of the modules, and an 85% is required to pass. If you hit that 85%, congrats! You’ll be provided with a badge that you can copy or save to share and show off your skills! Post it on LinkedIn, add Delighted as a skill on your profile, and encourage others to take the exam too.

If you don’t pass, no worries—you can retake the test at any time. Either way, you’ll be shown what you got right and what you got wrong upon submission, because our main goal is that you’re able to learn and apply your new Delighted knowledge to your program.

Will there be other levels of certification available?

Short answer: yes!

Long answer: we’re working on two more levels of certification, one designed for Admin users to learn even more about running Delighted programs and using advanced Delighted features, and one for leaders to learn the best practices that can be applied to their CX programs. We’ll keep you updated on the development of these courses.

Ready to dive in?

You can access Delighted Core Certification on our Help Center—simply scroll down and choose “Core Certification.” You can also save the direct link to the course.

What are you waiting for? Just two hours stands between you and your new status as Delighted Core Certified!