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This just in: the newest update to the Delighted iOS app allows users to add Widgets to their home screen or Today view. As the first and only CX survey platform to offer iOS Widgets, Delighted Widgets makes your CX metrics more accessible than ever before.

Add as many Widgets as you need to keep a pulse on the metrics most crucial to your overall customer experience.

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Why use Delighted iOS Widgets?

Without the Widgets feature, users must download and open the Delighted iOS app or log in to Delighted from a mobile browser to view Delighted data. Adding Widgets to any iOS device cuts out that interim step so you can get to the metrics that matter – faster. 

Use iOS Widgets to…

  • Keep a pulse on individual store performance for different retail locations 
  • Monitor and track CSAT scores based on customer support interactions
  • Track PMF score for new or existing products on your ecommerce site
  • Evaluate employee experience with eNPS survey results 
  • Showcase your real-time NPS with a detailed view of promoters and detractors
  • …and more!

Try out Widgets for yourself by downloading the free Delighted iOS App today. 

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