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In a world of innovation, automation makes life easier and helps scaling businesses thrive by taking routine tasks off of busy plates. 

That’s why we couldn’t wait to share our latest updates to Delighted’s Zapier integration

With 7 new ways to merge your customer feedback program into existing workflows, manually syncing data and triggering surveys between project tools is a thing of the past. 

Zapier V2: What’s new? 

Before today, Delighted’s Zapier integration allowed for two key feedback automation solutions: Triggering actions based on a new response received and dispatching an Email survey based on an event specified in Zapier. 

Now, you can take advantage of these 7 new triggers and actions within 2000 different apps and services:

1. Send SMS Survey [Action]

Trigger SMS surveys following a specific event, such as a post-support CSAT survey following a call center conversation. Email survey triggers are still supported.

2. Get Response Metrics [Action]

Bring Delighted data quickly and easily into platforms used for reporting – such as Google Data Studio, Klipfolio, Grow, Baremetrics, and more. 

3. New Unsubscribe [Trigger]

Sync up Delighted unsubscribes to internal databases tracking unsubscribes – such as a marketing platform that monitors customers who opt out of company communication.

4. Unsubscribe Person [Action]

Prevent customers from receiving Delighted surveys if they’ve unsubscribed from other company messages.

5. Find Person [Action]

Quickly locate the last time someone was surveyed and identify who is scheduled to be surveyed next. 

6. Add Person [Action]

Create a new person in Delighted to use in combination with the Add Response action. Then, automatically add responses to Delighted from external sources.

7. Add Response [Action]

Use a combination of Add Response with Add Person to add responses to Delighted that are being captured via third-party platforms.

Learn more about these features and more in our Zapier integration Help Center guide. Or, get started now with some of our newest instant integration templates: 

Zapier connects Delighted customer feedback data to thousands of your favorite apps without any coding experience required.

New to Delighted? No problem. Start your free experience management software trial and effortlessly integrate survey feedback with everyday business operations for a long-term shift in customer satisfaction.